Mike Hall Confirmed Dead As IPWR Cancelled

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Update: Official statement released confirming Mike has died.

Official statement
Official statement

Original story:
The organisers of the Indian Pacific Wheel Race have cancelled the event following the death of a competitor. As yet, there is no official confirmation, however from the position of the reported accident, outside Canberra, and the GPS spot tracker, it would appear that it is Mike Hall.
Mike Hall bossing the Blue Pig on bald tyres and a rigid bike.

Mike was the winner of our Singletrack Legend award last year, for his epic feats of endurance including his incredible record breaking Tour Divide of 2016. He came to the awards on his Tour Divide bike, straight out of the box on its first ride since the race, which he proceeded to ride around Hebden’s technical trails, unhindered by its lack of suspension or knobbly tyres. Off the bike, he made an impression on everyone he talked to with his quiet manner and modesty about his achievements. No matter that he had ridden further than many of us will ride in a lifetime, talking to him made you feel that your efforts on a bike were every bit as valid as his.
Here at Singletrack and grit.cx we are stunned and saddened as we await confirmation of this worst of news. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

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