Events: Dirty Reiver Entries Now Open

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After the success of the inaugural Dirty Reiver this past April, the organizers have wisely, and thankfully, made plans for the 2017 edition. And its registration is now open.
2017 Dirty Reiver
The event kicks off early on the morning of 22 April, at Kielder Castle Forest Park Centre in Kielder, Hexam, Northuberland. For the next several hours, you’ll be treated to every imaginable form of grueling, beautiful and challenging gravel roads that wind through northern England, into Scotland and back.
While last year’s event was a 200km loop, each of the very well-stocked food/drink/aid/morale-boosting stations offered a bail point for those who chose to call it an early day. Not that anyone affiliated with a gravel magazine would imagine doing such a thing…despite the promise of warm food, delicious beer, dry clothes and pillows only fifty meters from the 130km aid station. That would just be too…oh, so needed at that point. So for the 2017 event, the organizers are now offering a 130km loop. How convenient for a certain magazine editor…and anyone else looking for a slightly shorter day.
As was the case last year, you’ll want to register early (now) since there is a limit to how many riders will be able to participate.
If you’re unfamiliar with the Dirty Reiver, or you want to relive some words and images from this year’s event, you should definitely have a look at our great coverage of the event here.
Actually, before that, you should really enter the Dirty Reiver 2017 here.

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