10 Products That Caught Our Eye For 2017

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The past few weeks has been a whirlwind of bike shows, reviews and new product launches. We pick 10 of the products that caught our eye so far for 2017!

Praxis Alba M30
Praxis Alba M30 Chainset Released at Eurobike 2016.

Praxis Alba M30 Crankset

Named for Alba Road, a kicking climb in the hills about Santa Cruz, the Alba M30 micro-compact crankset features cold-forged alloy arms and 48/32 chainrings. It’s not here yet, but Praxis brass tells us a direct-mount spider is coming. The Alba M30 crankset is available now. More from Praxis here.

Lazer Helmet
Lazer Z1 is a great lid come rain or shine!

Lazer Z1 Helmet

We’ve managed to have the Lazer Z1 on review for a while now (full review here), but the overall gist is we really like it!
The design is comfortable with plenty of protection and it even comes with a clear rain cover to help keep the damp off.

shimano s-phyre xc9 shoes
Not the most subtle shoe, and that’s why we like them!

Shimano S-PHYRE X9

Shimano has released an all new set of shoes designed specifically for the XC/CX crowd. The new S-PHYRE shoes come in bright luminous yellow (as well as more subtle colour options) and feature 2 x Boa dials for fast and secure fitment.
Shimano has also given the shoes a durable rubber soul with the option to run studs up front for more traction when running up sloppy slopes. We’ve got exclusive photos and more details here.

fsa k force we
FSA go electronic for 2017!

FSA K-Force We

FSA have been rumoured to be making an electronic transmission for a while  and they have! The all new FSA K-Force WE.
The new electronic transmission is an 11-speed system and offers wireless connectivity (however this might only be available to certain compatible framesets). What is really interesting though is that FSA has done away with the traditional parallelogram for the rear mech and instead used a unique ‘gearbox’ system. Full details of the FSA K-Force can be found here.

Challenge Dune
Handmade Dune tyres from Challenge

Challenge Tyres

Challenge released a bunch of new tyres for 2017,  some are all new, but others are old faves with stickier rubber and updated tread patterns. On the gravel side, they have breathed some more volume into their Strada Bianca tyre. The handmade version is now available in a 36mm size.
The Team Edition S tyre is new and enjoys a full 320 tpi Corespun cotton casing. The tread rubber is also a softer compound, the knobs are all the same height and the base rubber is thinner for better feel. More details here.

SRAM Red eTap HRD Brakes
SRAM Red eTap HRD Brakes

SRAM Red eTap HRD Brakes

SRAM have fully embraced new technologies and at Eurobike released its new SRAM Red eTap HRD braking system.
These hydraulic disc brakes come with SRAM’s own eTap wireless shifters so if you’re looking for a high-tech shifting solution this is one to look at. Full specifications here.

Rotor Spidering
Stiffer and lighter! The Rotor Spidering is a very interesting upgrade!

Rotor Spidering

Spanish based Rotor Components is building quite a reputation for itself. The Spidering has been developed with the discerning gravel rider/racer in mind. CNC’d from a single piece of 7075 T6 aluminium, and offers a simplified platform for its 46/30 gearing.
While a 30-tooth front ring might cause interference issues with chainstays, the Spidering eliminates such hassles because it does away with chainring bolts and the spacing they demand. The other added benefit to a one-piece set-up is a decrease in weight, with an increase in strength. Read the full article here.

Gilles Berthoud
The La Z Boy of Bike Saddles!

Gilles Berthoud Saddle

Leather saddles don’t get much more beautiful than this! Giles Berthoud uses a combination of traditional and cutting-edge manufacturing processes to make their leather products, the leather for their saddles, for example, is cut with a bespoke CNC machine.
For fans of saddle bags, the Giles Berthoud Saddle also features KlickFix Mount for secure and super simple attachment. See more Gilles Berthoud goodness here.

Rapha Giro Synthe
Rapha and Giro join forces once more.

Rapha Helmets

Rapha has again teamed up with Giro on a special product that synthesises bits of both brands. In this case, the Giro Synthe helmet…with MIPS technology.
The helmet in question is Giro’s premium aero offering, but with a few modifications. Obviously, the colour options are (mostly) uniquely Raphaesque. The white and black models feature a subtle ‘flip-flop- paint effect where a light tint of pink is revealed when the light catches it a certain way. Additionally, the helmet is offered in flouro…excuse me…chartreuse. More info here!

Shimano Koryak
Shimano join the dropper race!

Shimano Dropper Post

Shimano was keen to point out their new Koryak adjustable post to us. It offers infinite travel, weighs 520 grams and features two different options for the remote. It’s interesting that Shimano have finally bitten the bullet and launched its own dropper and we’re excited to see how it will stand up to the growing competition. You can see more from Shimano here!

So there we have 10 products that we like the look of for 2017. Are there any that you are watching out for? Let us know in the comments section below!

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