Eurobike 2016: Lazer Eyewear

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Lazer is most commonly known for its helmets, and very recently it’s also known for being acquired by Shimano. But the Belgium-based company also has a line of eyewear, some of which integrates with the company’s helmets quite well.
The awesomely-named Magneto M3 offers a solution for those of us that are bothered by some shades that squeeze our temples a bit too much. That can get really annoying after several hours in the saddle. Instead of the usual arms that extend from the lens frame of the glasses, over the ear, the Magneto M3’s have stubby arms, the inside of which feature three magnetic discs. This allows the arm to instantly attach to two clips on the strap of the helmet. Adjustability is granted by those clips connecting at whichever of the three magnets you prefer.
If you dig the style of the Magneto M3, but aren’t into the fancy magnetic arm system, you can use the more traditional arms that quickly snap off/on to the frames. The lens on the Magneto M3 is also interchangeable, while the nosepiece is adjustable.

Lazer Magneto M3 Eyewear
The Lazer Magneto M3 shades come with the short arm with embedded magnets for easy interfacing with the helmet, and with the more traditional arm piece. This image shows both. Magnet arm in black. The traditional arm is white.

Lazer Magneto M3 Eyewear
Interchangeable lenses.

Lazer Magneto M3 Eyewear
The Magneto M3 shades in full normal mode (regular arms).

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: “Dropper posts are nice for gravel riding and racing.” Ritchey understands this and has released a new dropper post that should tickle the fancy of those of us that agree with the aforementioned statement.
The WCS Trail Dropper Seatpost is a humble, yet ideal, 90mm travel post that offers three positions. It lacks “infinite” travel, but would do you really need that in something with 90mm of travel? It’s available in 30.9 and 31.6 diameters, and Ritchey tells me a 27.2 version is in the works. This dropper also sports remotes for Shimano ISPEC2 or SRAM and a standard clamp remote. Weight is 417 grams without the remote.
Ritchey WCS 900 Dropper Post
WCS Trail Dropper Seatpost – 90mm with three positions.

Ritchey WCS 900 Dropper Post

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