Eurobike 2016: Wilier Jaroon Plus – Gravel Plus Bike

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That’s right, I just typed the word “plus” after the word “gravel” in the headline of this post.
Italian bicycle company Wilier Triestina, known for making some rather sweet road bikes, had this fat beauty tucked in the corner of its rather large booth. Despite being obscured by other drool-worthy bikes in the booth, the Jaroon Plus caught a lot of attention. Of course it would, with its 29+ mountain bike tyres and pimped-out bikepacking bags customized with Wilier embroidering.
Wilier Jaroon Plus
The brushed steel (ChroMoly) frame, which obviously includes lots of space for the huge tyres, is welded with a unique process that hides all of the welding material on the inside of the frame. The result is a really sleek finish on the bike. The Jaroon Plus also has a beefy carbon fiber fork. The frame sports some basic rack mounts, but otherwise aims towards the trend of allowing bags and packs to simply be strapped to the frame.

Wilier Jaroon Plus
Basic rack mount, and very clean junctions where you would normally see welding fill. None here.

Wilier Jaroon Plus
Carbon fiber fork and a beautiful brushed steel frame.

Wilier Jaroon Plus
Wilier officials were clear to point out the bags and packs on the Jaroon Plus are not currently a product offering from the company. But they were quick to point out that they’ve proven to be very popular at the show, and the company will consider production.

While the frame can be considered a bona fide 29+ mountain bike frame, the company was clear that it was designed and built to be run as a true bikepacking rig with drop bars.
Wilier Jaroon
Here’s the skinnier, and lighter little sibling, the Jaroon.

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