Aggregate 100 – The official Results

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The format of the AGG100 was to add up the cumulative time over four timed stages, spaced out over the 100km course. Unfortunately, due to a couple of technical issues on stages 3+4, only the first two could be used to calculate aggregate times.
Still, everyone had fun, and there were some very closely spaced times on each stage. Full results are here.
Overall winners were:
Senior Womens: Jo Carritt

When you accidentally match your socks with the winner. Awkward.

Senior Mens: Gary McDonald

Vet Womens: Verity Appleyard
Thumbs up!

Vet Male: Mark McKie (who sadly had to scarper before the prizes)
Mixed Pairs: Nier Chia Charge – Donna Warner and Nigel Smith
Don’t worry, I’ll look after the beer…

Male Pairs: #dirtydropbargoodnessdreamteam Tom and James! Boom!
Agg100 winners
A special, special moment

All photos – Joolze Dymond

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