Events: Ouseburn Valley (Urban) Cross

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Cyclocross racing is inherently very exciting, as we all know. And it gets even more exciting when the ‘cross course is set down in the middle of a city, town or village, as such a location injects even more interest and visibility into such a lively sport. People who wouldn’t normally watch such a sport get caught up in the action, the racers feed off that, and everyone has a great time. Additionally, the unusual cyclocross terrain poses a unique and fun challenge for the racers.
The 29th of August is a bank holiday, which is a perfect excuse to throw an urban cyclocross race, and that’s just what the organizers of Ouseburn Valley Cross will be doing in town that day. The race will take place right in the center of Ouseburn, and the course will feature varying terrain such as tarmac, cobble stones, wooded areas and concrete steps while twisting itself in and around the belly of the Ouseburn Valley viaduct system.
Dale Bolland, one of the event organizers shares his enthusiasm for Ouseburn Valley Cross, “A great atmosphere and plenty of exciting race action is guaranteed, thanks to the fantastic course and great location. The course has been designed to allow spectators to see a lot of the race action within a short walk from the start/finish line, and there will be plenty of choice of food and drink and people can also enjoy Ouseburn’s many visitor attractions.”
The event is officially sanctioned by British Cycling, and competitors of all ages, abilities and categories are welcome to participate. Even first time racers are welcome to try their hand at cyclocross with a free session. Organizers promise a safe atmosphere for racing with full medical coverage, marshalling and commissaires. Prizes included items crafted and donated by local business and artists and include a free trip to Amsterdam.
More information about Ouseburn Valley Cross and registration can be found on the British Cycling website, and the event’s Facebook page features a nice preview video.

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