What’s that coming over the hill? Another cross event?

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We have received word of a new UK based ‘cross race with a twist, and we reckon it’s going to be pretty damn popular. This is a little longer than your regular CX race – 3 hours long to be precise. Something this long clearly deserved a suitably gnarly name, so Monster Cross was born.
Incredibly Cross Round 2
Now, if a regular ‘cross race leaves you in tatters and cramping as you cross the finish line after a mere hour, 180 minutes of burning lungs and legs may all sound a little too much like hard work. Fortunately there is a team of three option on offer, although we are sure many of the tough boys and girls will want to stay out for the duration.
Other than length, the race format will be pretty much as per any other standard ‘cross race. Line up at 11am, wait for the start, then ride like stink around a lapped course as many times as possible until the bell tells you the end is near. Curious as to what the course looks like? Fear not, the organisers have very kindly provided a video recording of the highlights of a lap for you to peruse and research crafty lines.

Monster Cross will be held at Catton Hall, Derbyshire and venue of the legendary Sleepless in the Saddle (SITS) 24 hour MTB race until just a few years ago. The race will be held on 11 September 2016. Entry will cost £25 for a solo racer, or £40 for a team of three.
Racers: check. low evening sun: check - its Summer Series CX time
We liked the idea so much, the grit.cx gang will be out in force, and there is already talk of a crack squad of ‘writing about bikes counts as training, doesn’t it?’ journos failing to find excuses quick enough and actually racing their bikes. Watch this space for more.
If all that whets your appetite, head over to the Fulcrum Events website, and get an entry in now!

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