Adventure Inspiration: Joss’s Journey

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How many times have you sat at your desk and daydreamed about quitting the daily grind and simply heading off on adventure? The team struggle to keep count on a daily basis, let alone a weekly one. All too often life gets in the way – bills, family and who would look after the cat/dog/terrapin? It is therefore even more inspiring/sickening to hear about others who have made the jump into the unknown and are living out their dreams.
Film maker Jess James got in contact to share the story of Joss Livesey.
The Cumbrian ditched the day job and is currently midway through an epic bike tour ‘pedals2pinnacles’– taking in the 42 sovereign states of mainland Europe, and climbing the highest summit, either by bike or foot. Apparently it’s the first time anyone has attempted this feat.

Joss pedals2pinnacles
Photo Credit: Jess James

Joss’ website gives more details of the specific route, but in his own words, “My journey is to start in Porto, Portugal. The route will take me first through Southern Europe, reaching each country’s high pinnacles along the way, then across Ukraine and into Russia, where I will climb Europe’s highest peak, Mount Elbrus. I will next head north through the Balkan states and into Scandinavia, then turning south to central Europe where I will make my Alpine ascents, before completing my journey in the Low Countries.
“In my head I’ve always had a romantic idea of setting off on my bike from my front door, going on an incredible journey and returning home on the same bike months or years later. However once my plan for PEDALS2PINNACLES started to evolve it became apparent that this wasn’t feasible for this trip, maybe that idea will wait for next time. I decided I needed to get started within continental Europe in order for me to arrive at, and ascend certain challenging mountain peaks at the best time of year, when the weather and conditions will allow me the best chance of reaching the summits.”
Photo credit: Jess James

It’s impressive stuff, and a gruelling schedule that he’s set for himself. We love the film that he’s made with Jess James, charting his progress so far. Mountains, endless days of riding, adventure. What’s not to like?
Take a peek for yourselves:

If you are feeling inspired, Joss is raising money for Alzheimers Research UK. Maybe pop him a few quid via his Just Giving page.

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