Want coffee? Cover up your lycra…

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Mike Saunders outside his hotel. No lycra allowed.
The Guardian is reporting today that a New Zealand hotel-come-cafe is imposing a strict dress-code policy.
Apparently cyclists in Lycra shorts are showing too many ‘unsightly bumps and bulges,’ according to owner Mike Saunders. One of his former employees appears to be worried about us smelly cyclists in our revealing clothing sitting on little children… ‘when the cyclists come in they do stink, they are sweaty and it is unhygienic sitting on the furniture and everyone, including little children, partaking in their post exercise demeanour.’
It has to be said, that we often become immune to the fact that riding gear looks a little odd to those who don’t ride. Whether it is really enough to put off even the most sensitive of souls from their flat white is debatable, however. According to Mr Saunders, other sporting clothing is acceptable, as are baggies. Here’s a handy guide to help you work out whether you are adequately dressed.
Endura Baggies
Entry into a cafe is the least of your worries…
Now, the easy answer for the Lycra-clad among us is to find a more welcoming establishment to have a brew and a slice of cake, but what if Mr Saunders starts a precedent? Is it ok to discriminate on the basis of tightness of clothing? Or is it just a storm in a teacup (sorry)?

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