Event: Tortour Cyclocross Switzerland

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As previously reported the start of the Tortour Cyclocross event is this weekend. Unlike the traditional hour plus a lap format, this event will see over 200km being ridden over the three days in a series of stages.
Team GritCX, consisting of Paul Errington and Mike Howarth, are looking to achieve solid mid-pack mediocrity and leave with epic tales of this cyclocross-gone-long event. Word is they have gone ‘full’ gravel – big clearance drop bar bikes with wide tyres. We will find out next week if you should ever go ‘full’ gravel at Tortour
The event is proving popular and has brought together a truly diverse field of riders from mountain bike legend Thomas Frischknecht (and son racing pairs) to Redbull fixed gear monster Patrick Seabase.
We leave you with the event video again so as to have a taste of the Team GritCX undertaking.

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