Balint Hamvas Goes With Kickstarter to Launch 2015/2016 Cyclocross Annual

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Balint Hamvas has been photographing cyclocross races for more than eight years, and his keen eye and skills with images can be seen in magazines and on web sites all over the world. Additionally, he’s also published six coffe-table-style, hardcover photo annuals over the years.
And he’s got another one waiting in the wings.
“The book will be 240 pages of cyclocross goodness, including my best photos from all the major European races,” said Hamvas. “The book will have four main sections – one each about the World Cup, the Superprestige, the BPost Bank Trofee series and the World Championships in Zolder.”
For this time around, Hamvas is going with a new approach. “I’ve decided to use kickstarter to raise the money for the 2015/2016 edition,” said Hamvas. “It’s pretty simple really. I’m looking for people to pledge to buy the book. If enough people share this pledge, I’ll hit my target and move forward with my project. As with all Kickstarter campaigns, if I lack enough backers, my project won’t get funded, and I’ll skip out on producing the book this year.”
A £30 pledge will get you on the pre-order list for the 2015/2016 Cyclocross Annual, and as with all Kickstarter campaigns, the more you contribute, the more bountiful the booty you receive. You can check out the whole campaign, and its details, here.
The book is expected to ship in July.
If you like superb cyclocross photography that pulls you in, gives you a taste of the mud, pain and passion, then you’ll want to check out his work. You can find a selection of posts featuring his photography here.
But here are a few samples we’ve posted on the site in the past.
Not a great day for Sven Nys, who missed the podium but he still leads the overall Bpost Trofee ranking by almost two minutes.
Say hello to Music Man. A motley crew of musicians were playing on instruments painted green on a open, green van. Music man was the main instigator and conductor. The quirks of a Belgian cyclocross race.
Compton had a bad start and she also suffered a mechanical early on. She worked hard to catch up with the leading riders and not knowing how far the lead was, she kept on going full gas when she passed Wyman.

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