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I spent the godawful early morning in my normal un-caffeinated haze of confusion. My wife’s chirpy early morning demeanour did nothing for my grouch-like state. Why was I even up this early? I know it’s only 45 minutes before I normally get up, but that time is normally spent blissfully riding bubble-gum bikes around perfect candydrop trails in the Cane Sugar Mountains. But no, I was stood at a train station, in the dark. I hate good ideas sometimes.
The reason I was getting up, was to go ride bikes in the rain to a bridge to partake in hobo coffee. A simple concept cooked up by two friends. Get up earlier than you normally would for work. Take a bag and stick the things in it you need to make coffee. Or just take coffee in a flask. Or in my case, bring nothing and scrounge. Then, grab your bike and ride it to the piece of desolate land on the outskirts of the city, preferably against the commuter flow and their confused faces – but that is away from work! Drink your coffee outdoors while talking with your mates, then ride back to the city together.
Annon, under the graffiti-scrawled viaduct for the tram they shall gather, and there will be much bemoaning of the fact that they are wet, much laughing at the inability of Steve to use his grinder as it was lodged in fast, and of Andy for trying to pack things away and failing. For they who rode over dirt and cobble found the way away from the city and relaxed, chatted, smiled and joked before they spent their days working.
There is no real point to hobo coffee. It still tastes like coffee. The people were the same ones I have coffee with inside. The ride was nothing special – a gravel track that will soon be lost to developers and some uninspiring apartment blocks. The piece of derelict, if dry, ground we consecrated will never make it as a must-visit location.
Try and look at it differently. We got up early to gather, ride bikes and drink. Where’s the problem with that way to start your day?
Beer of the Week:
Jaipur IPA – Thornbridge ABV 5.9%
Jaipur IPA
The immediate impression of this wonderful multi award winning India Pale Ale is soft and smooth but this builds around the mouth to a crescendo of massive hoppiness accentuated by honey.”
I finished the year on Jaipur. I’d happily drink it all year round really.
Photo by Steve Makin.

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