Rockville: An Italian Singlespeed Cyclocross Event

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Singlespeed cyclocross racing attracts a rare breed of cyclists – a dedicated lot who know what they like, who know how to party, and generally really appreciate the finer things in life.
The Singlespeed Cyclcross thing has been going strong in the US for several years, but other countries are catching on. One of them being Italy, and the Singlespeed-Italy group. They’ve been throwing the Rockville event for more than a few years, and it’s rapidly gaining popularity.
What could be more awesome that fraternizing with a large group of your one-geared ‘cross brethren? Doing so with some of the best food, drink and people in the world.
And that’s exactly what you’re going to get with Rockville 2016.
The whole deal happens on 06 January in Pessina Cremonese, Italy. Check the Rockville 2016 Facebook page for more info.
Rockville 2016 Singlespeed Cyclocross

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