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For the first time in recent memory, I was accused of making a decision based on emotion rather than logic. It was meant as an insult, oddly I took it as a complement. Probably not what the chump who fired it at me expected. I’m generally not an emotional person, or rather, I’m generally not a person who lets emotions dictate my day to day decision making. Think of me as Sheldon-lite, but with less social personality disorders. As a child, I used to sit down and work my way through an upcoming conversation, I’d mentally run through every possible outcome that I could foresee, like a game of chess. Trying to anticipate each outcome, each choice and response, and how I would respond. I don’t recommend this as a way to lead your life, I’m quite happy I grew out of it. Mostly.
Gregs Knowledge Drop
Oddly, being told that I made an emotional decision has made me think about what decisions I do make based on emotions. Simple things like monetary budgets, family plans, anything work related, even where I’m riding this weekend are generally made on a simple yes or no scale with little to no wiggle room. It either; is, or it is not. Black or white. ‘Cross bike or mountain bike. I try to apply this way of thinking to other less necessary things like purchases, or even simple life decisions – do I need or want this bike/fork/piece of clothing, if it is want, it doesn’t happen. If it is need, why do I feel that I need it? Step by step, until I can logic it out.
It’s a very stoic, and some would say boring, way to make decisions, but one that I’ve found works for me. Until it doesn’t. And when it doesn’t, boy does it not. Occasionally something comes up that causes my whole decision making workflow to fall apart. Something that not necessarily falls outside of the decision making remit, but rather causes me to break out of it and react, not think. This mainly happens in races, a time when I am so emotionally invested in something that I cannot help but respond in kind. I’ve heard words spew forth from my mouth that I would not say to my most hated enemy. I’m sorry if you’ve ever been on the end of it. It’s not something I am proud of.
But sometimes the barriers just fall down. Something so unexpected comes out of nowhere and floors you. All bets are off, you need to react now. I don’t like this and I try to apply the sage words of a dear departed friend: “Read it, go get a coffee, ride your bike, edit and reply later.”
I’m off to get a coffee and go for a ride.
Beer of the Week
Oxymoron – Otley Brewery ABV 5.5%
Oxymoron Beer
Black IPA is another American style of beer that has made its way to the UK. Once described as “like having a wet hop sit on my face and wriggle”
Sitting in the pub on the weekend making some decisions with my wife over lunch when I decided to try something different for a change. Holy crap, for a decision based purely on the label (and to an extend previous experience with the brewery) Oxymoron is one of the best choices I’ve made in a while. Hell, I may even find that this decision is an emotional one any time I see it on tap.

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