Incredibly ‘Cross Gallery

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Hanging it all out there, and giving it everything you’ve got every weekend on the cyclocross course is certainly a noble pursuit! However, sometimes it’s nice to have some bona fide fun while you’re out there racing.
Enter Incredibly Cross.
We briefly covered these events a few months ago, and you can read all about it here.
If you’re too short on time to click on that link, here’s a description of Incredibly Cross, right from one of the organizers:

“Inspired by the unsanctioned and impromptu racing found across the pond, we decided to see if there was an appetite for something similar over here.  Our races are unsanctioned and promoted through social media with the ‘secret location’ revealed in the days prior to the race. “

The most recent Incredibly Cross event took place in South London on 15 November, and the photos included in this gallery are from that event. All photos by @sammellisphoto

The next event is on 11 December. Want to know where it is? You’ll need to follow Incredibly Cross through its Twitter and Instagram channels!

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