EUROBIKE 2015: Surly Straggler 650b

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The Straggler is Surly‘s most civilian bike in the company’s legendary very diverse line of extremely unique and purpose-specific bicycles. But such civilian-ness within the Surly umbrella is relative. The Straggler, made with 4130 CroMoly, is definitely a road bike, but it’s an extremely versatile one. And this smaller, 650b version makes it even more adaptable.

Surly Straggler 650b
Steel is for real. Especially 4130 CroMoly.

For starters, it has clearance for tyres up to 41mm, with room for fenders. And then there’s those fender and pannier mounts on the frame and fork. The bike’s geometry is a bit more inline with its cyclocross sibling, the Cross-Check, and that’s paramount to its ability to perform on- and off-road. Special ‘vertically exiting horizontal dropouts’ allow for nice things like easily running the Straggler as a singlespeed.
Surly Straggler 650b
Fatties Fit Fine. Up to 41mm tyres, to be specific.

Surly Straggler 650b
These dropouts are too cool for school.

Surly Straggler 650b
Note the tensioning bolt at the back of the dropouts.

Its use of smaller wheels means that it’ll fit smaller people who wouldn’t normally comfortably fit on the larger 700c version of the bike, but want that bigger wheel benefits. Frame sizes start at 38cm. But, as Surly points out, it also works well for taller riders who are looking for a smaller frame because it’s got a shorter wheelbase and it’s stiffer.
Surly Straggler 650b
More attainable for smaller riders. More specific performance for non-smaller riders.

The Straggler was unveiled last year, and this year’s changes are small, as it has a new color and is outfitted with a SRAM drivetrain and Hayes mechanical disc brakes.
Minty new color.

Surly Straggler 650b
4130. Lugged. Disc-only.


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