Unsupported Tech Advice: Mud Protection

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Words by Ryan LaBar. Photo by Jeff Lockwood.

First published in Grit.cx Issue 1: October 2014

Mud. It’s almost mandatory for a good ‘cross race. It adds an extra element of suffering to the already brutal proposition of absolutely redlining your body for an hour straight. It also wreaks havoc on bikes.

In a matter of minutes mud can gum up chains, chew through brake pads, pack pounds onto a bike, and jam up wheels. This is all well and fine if you have a pit crew with an extra bike or two to swap out during a race. But let’s be honest: most of us will never have this luxury. We will have to deal with the slop lap after grueling lap. Thankfully for us, there are ways to cope with mud without owning a fleet of bikes.

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