Trek Updates The Crockett and Boone

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Boone_5_Disc (1)
Here’s the entry level race bike – the Boone 5

Crockett_7 (1)
And a canti-brake Crocket 7

Just in time for you to start planning (already!) for the next season, Trek has announced its new facelifted carbon Boone and aluminium Crockett cyclocross bikes and frames. As famously campaigned by cyclocross gods, Katie Compton and Sven Nys, if you get one of these, you’re running out of excuses not to win…
For the 2015/16 season, there are ‘sweet new colors’ and, sensibly, all the disc-only models get a thru-axle carbon fork (which will also be available aftermarket). The full-carbon fork is said to save 120g over the aluminium-steerer thru-axle fork.
No thru-axle rears? Trek reckons that the benefit of thru-axles is best felt on the fork, so why add weight and complexity at the back? We have to agree with that logic…
As for the new colours, er, colors, Trek has used science: “Through some highly scientific and complicated research, our engineers found that the new color schemes will give you 16.2% more heckles and a whopping 18.6% more handups during races. Trust us – we use science and stuff.”
The carbon Boone canti frameset. £1750 frame and fork (£1800 for disc)

Crockett_5_Disc (1)
A disc-only Crocket 5. Very swoopy for an ally bike frame.

Boone Disc frame – identical colours to the canti versions. Collect the set.

Boone_9_Disc (1)
Here’s a race-ready Boone 9 Disc. £4500 to you. 

Boone_7 (1)
And a Boone 7. Any of the colours grabbing you yet?

We know a few guys who are looking forward to this one coming out. One of the Crocket Disc colours. £620

Find out more about the Crockett here. and the Boone here:

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