MKWCX: Pro Bikes – Nikki Harris’s Ridley X-Night

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While we were at the world Cup at Milton Keynes last week we schlepped round and shot some of the pro’s bikes. Everyone loves a bit of bling, right?
Well, we’ve had time to edit the pics now, so here’s the first in the series – One of the Bikes Nikki rode to an amazing third place at Milton Keynes.

While we were shooting Nikki’s bike, she came back from a training lap. This is the state of her bike after just one complete lap. The discussion between the mechanic and Nikki went something like, ‘Just one lap?’ – “yeah, just one’ – Half lap changes?’ – ‘reckon so’. No nonsense from one of Britain’s finest.

Keep an eye on for more bikes from MKWCX as the week goes on.

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