Received: Zipp 303 Firecrest Carbon Clincher Disc-brake wheels

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We’ll be having a few disc brake wheels arrive in the coming weeks, but one of the pairs first to arrive are these carbon hoops from Zipp.
Zipp 303 disc03
The rims are well regarded in road circles as being tough enough for the cobbles, and they’ve been seen in cross under plenty of pro’s in the past season. This disc brake ready spec is a newer variant though so it will be very interesting to see how the polished alloy hubs stand up to a winters abuse.
Designed around a 6 bolt rather than a Centrelock fixing seen on more and more wheels, we’ll be running these under a number of riders and brake systems, to see how they fare. We’re also interested to know if anyone feels the Aero advantage makes a difference at lower cross speeds.
£2145.00 / $2825.00  €2600.00 per pair, includes, tubes, valve extenders, rim tapes, and QR skewers: contact Zipp for more details

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  1. *volunteers to test*

  2. *volunteers to test*

  3. how much ?? reynolds assault are 1/2 the cost !

  4. how much ?? reynolds assault are 1/2 the cost !

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