Vermont Overland Grand Prix this weekend

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This weekend – August 23rd-24th – ┬ásee’s another great – on / off road, gravel, US adventure, call it what you will – race take place stateside. And like many we’ve seen already this year, it looks like a whole heap of fun.
VOGP poster based on early Vermont map
Based in the infamous town of Woodstock, The Vermont Overland Grand Prix is a 51 mile race, comprising of 5400 feet of climbing – much of which will be on what the organisers call Vermont Pave. It’s not bBelgian or French sets of Granite, but rough, unmaintained ancient thoroughfares. Looking at the pictures, another description would simply be fun.
500 racers will be competing for the $1000 purse (for both men and women), and many s starts of the cross scene will be racing, including Tim Johnson and US based, UK rider Gabby Durrin – maybe this could be one of the first times she’s seen in public since the announcement of Team Awesome. The majority of the competitors wont be troubling the front runners, but rather, will just be having a great day out in the hills of Vermont, riding broken cobble(ish) climbs and dirt roads in the late summer sunshine.
We certainly know where we’d love to be this weekend. There’s more details on the VOGP website, including a schedule of Saturdays events that incorporate a no-drop policy opportunity to ride with other pro racers on a fully supported recon ride of the some of the important sectors.


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