Bart Wellen’s new Ridley X-Night

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Ahead of the 2014-15 cross season, even the pros are getting excited about their new bikes.

Belgian Telenet/Fidea star Bart Wellens posted this photo montage of his new Ridley on his Twitter account, thanking mechanic Robby for getting his new toy ready. Eschewing the market trend for disc brakes, Wellens has plumped for a standard cantilever braked set up, but has moved to Sram’s, single chainring, Force CX-1 set up. He’ll be hoping the Narrow Wide chainring teeth and a clutch rear mech keep the chain secure on the roughest ruts and roots of the race circuit and Fizik’s latest Volta R1 saddle should give his rear plenty of real estate to move around on maintaining traction as the ground gets slicker. Other stand out components include Ridley house brand 4ZA’s integrated bar and stem combo. It certainly looks plenty stiff enough. Hopefully the thick Fizik bar wrap offers enough comfort for an hour of suffering. Edco maintain their place as wheel sponsor, wrapped as always by super supple FMB tubs; semi-slick Sprints in this case. No doubt  his bank balance has been hurt by refilling his rubber quiver with a seasons tread options ahead of the first races in September.

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