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  • zwifters – whats the best value wheels off smart turbo?
  • Premier Icon julians
    Full Member

    as per title – I’m looking to get a new turbo trainer, and it should probably be a wheel off trainer – any suggestions for a good value trainer?

    I’m not especially serious about zwift, but I’m starting to get annoyed with my tacx flow cheapo smart trainer that I’ve had for a couple of years, the things I find annoying are that its slow to react to incline changes/erg changes, it seems quite unreliable – sometimes it will adjust resistance ,sometimes it wont. and the max incline it will simulate is quite low, max power is only 600watts.

    I dont want to spend a fortune, but could maybe go up to £500 if that would get something reasonable for a non serious zwifter.


    Premier Icon frogstomp
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    I’ve been happy with the JetBlack Volt I got back in October.

    I got it for £450 from Sweatshop (sign up to the newsletter for 10% off your first order) and for that it comes with a cassette (11s).

    NB: Just check that you bike fits – a handful of flat-mount disc brake frames have issues (listed in the link above).

    Premier Icon MrSalmon
    Free Member

    Not sure if they still make them but I’ve been very happy with my Elite Zumo.

    Premier Icon n0b0dy0ftheg0at
    Free Member responses well in ERG mode apparently and has reliable power data for races, comes with 30 days free trial of Zwift, Rouvy, Peaks.

    Same price at Halfords but without free trials and in theory you shouldn’t be able to use 10% British Cycling discount. is a decent price, I bought one from PBK when released Dec 2017, ERG response is so-so. I’ve had to replace sheared belt once so far, power data varied from approx +6% to -9% against my 4iiii Precision. It’s ok for my casual virtual racing in lower Zwiftpower categories, but I’d recommend spending some extra if your budget will stretch.

    Premier Icon binners
    Full Member

    Have a look on Facebook marketplace. It’s full of them.

    Seems a lot of gym bunnies bought them during lockdown, used them a couple of times, then they’ve sat gathering dust since. They seem to be going for about half their initial price so you’ll get something decent for 500 quid

    Premier Icon footflaps
    Full Member

    Not sure if they still make them but I’ve been very happy with my Elite Zumo.

    That’s what I bought a couple of years ago, was the cheapest direct drive at the time. Still works fine.

    Premier Icon djflexure
    Free Member

    `Saris H3 is probably best value at present IMO – top quality trainer for about £580

    Premier Icon scotroutes
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    I bought a Zumo last Spring as it was about the cheapest thing going. It’s been fine. Are they even still available?

    Premier Icon retrorick
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    xplova noza s.
    Was sub £400 and in stock when i recently looked.

    £379 from wiggle.

    Premier Icon DrP
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    I’d go the FB marketplace route…

    Looking there, a tacx neo 2t (a proper top end trainer..) is £550. One in Reading, a few in London..

    Go that route and you’ll get a top end bit of kit for your budget.


    Premier Icon julians
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    I’m a bit reluctant to go second hand due to lack of warranty.

    Whats the elite direto xr t like? it can be had for ~£550. dcrainmaker seemed to give it a good review – although not sure I’ve seen him give a bad review to anything….

    Premier Icon mrhoppy
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    I bought a zumo at the start of lockdown, it lunched the belt within a couple of months, non replaceable, had to be warrantied. Couldn’t get a replacement so got a refund and bought a kickr core. It’s considerably better for not that much more.

    Premier Icon djflexure
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    Elite is meant to be decent but Saris is better I believe. Bigger flywheel, better road feel, more stable than all the other trainers when sprinting, handles erg mode supposedly better than all the other top range trainers.

    I wouldn’t go second hand either. I’ve had a Kickr and now Saris – only reason you would want a Kickr is for climb.

    Premier Icon kraken2345
    Free Member

    I managed to get a refurbished kickr core for £500 directly from wahoo about a month ago, I’ve seen them at that price at least twice since October. Couldn’t recommend it enough, however I do accept that it’s not exactly budget.

    The refurbished ones come with a full manufacturer warranty etc, I was also worried about buying 2nd hand.

    Premier Icon DougD
    Full Member

    Same as Kraken, reconditioned Kickr Core direct from Wahoo a month or so ago for about £500 which included the cassette, it’s been great. Can’t see one on the website at the mo but may be worth holding out for

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