Zwift and apple TV – some questions

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  • Zwift and apple TV – some questions
  • mayan

    Hey everyone,
    I’m running Zwift on my old laptop, and its a bit slow and the screen is a bit small.

    I think the cheapest upgrade option is an apple TV and a screen. So i have a few questions….

    Can i use a PC monitor? assuming i buy one with an HDMI input, i don’t need any smart functions? this looks likely to be cheaper than a proper telly.

    The apple TV only accepts bluetooth connections, and only 2 inputs, I’m using a tacx T2240, which has bluetooth. I’m also using a garmin cadence sensor and a ANT+ heart rate monitor.
    So I’ll need to buy a bluetooth HRM? (any recommendations?)
    And my garmin cadence sensor won’t work anymore?

    Anything else i need to consider?

    Premier Icon meandyuk

    Yep should be able to use a monitor (if its a newer monitor you may already have a HDMI input?)

    You can also increase the amount of bluetooth connections by running the companion app on iphone/android – so some of your devices could pair to your phone for stats. I think it’s bluetooth only though.

    I have a wahoo tickr armband HR which works well for me..


    Apple Tv needs to be the 4k version. You download the Zwift app to the TV.

    big yim

    It doesn’t need to be the 4k. I have the hd one and runs fine as meandyuk says just add a companion app on your phone and increase the Bluetooth connections


    Just a quick follow up …

    Works well, much smoother than the old laptop. I forgot about the sound – the monitor has no speakers, but it has a headphone socket so easy to hook up some external speakers – but something to be aware if anyone’s thinking of going this’s route.

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