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  • daveb

    I am looking at getting some ZTR Olympics built up onto XTR hubs. Has anyone used Freeborn before, if so what are they like for wheel builds? Other places that have been suggested are clee-cycles and justridingalong.co.uk.


    I’ve used justriding along twice now for Stans wheels and have been thoroughly impressed with the service and quality of build both times. Totally recommended.

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    I got some Olympics on XTR from freeborn a couple of weeks ago, found them helpful by email and when I rang. Wheels have been good so far too!



    Rutland Cycles have them too, and cheap


    If you like Hope hubs I think Hope are going to start building on stans. I know there doing flow rims but Not sure if there doing the olympics. There a lot cheaper then anywere else. I’ve got a price of £285 for PRO2/flows a pair.

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    justridingalong.com are lovely people 🙂

    You can get Hope on Stan’s from them I believe, but when Am Classic are available that seems like a good option to me. You get some of the lightest wheels around but they cost half of what that Mavic Crossmax rubbish stuff costs and they are way lighter.


    I had thought about some ProIIs instead of XTR as I dont really want to go to centrelock. Freeborn do the set with ProII for £369 with Revolution spokes and alloy nipples.


    i wanted some am classic olympics from jra but the cost has shot up recently, over £500 quid now molgrips, not exactly half the cost of mavics..


    Freeborn is my local – and I just got back from riding with the guys there. I can really vouch for their wheels, Paul 2 in particular is very good. I’ve got three sets from them, including a DH set, that are still true after a year or two of riding.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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