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  • Tony.w

    Bought a pair of ZTR Crests to go tubeless since found out UST tyres are a real tight fit. All I wanted was to fit a UST tyre to a tubeless rim with faffing about with sealents etc. Must be me and I just don’t get the whole tubeless thing.

    Anyone advise in simple terms the benifits


    I thought you were meant to use normal tyres with ZTR rims

    UST tyres are really heavy whats the benefit you might as well use tubes


    I’ve got a pair of ZTR Alpines, and run them with non-UST Rocket Ron Evo’s – the advantage of this combo is the lightness of the setup which aids acceleration and responsiveness.

    I’ve never used UST tyres, but would imagine they’re made a little ‘tighter’ to ensure a good seal on the rim (!?) as well as having stronger sidewalls. As said above the ZTR rims are designed to run non-UST tyres though, so that’s surely the way to go.

    As far as running even UST tyres without sealant … that doesn’t sound like such a smart idea, because if you run over a thorn or somesuch you’d have to fit a tube anyway!? Then how would you repair the hole in the tyre?

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    Part way down the page, you’ll find the chart which shows how tight the tyres are on various rims. I’ve always used the stans with ‘normal’ non ust tyres


    Crests with ust, are medium with tyre levers. Again, i’ve never used levers.


    As above – sealent with UST tyres is a good idea. You’d be amazed how many thorns are in the tyre when you take them off. Ive had a few punctures with UST & sealent but if you keep rolling the hole will seal due to sealent.
    So, go normal tyres for weight saving & sealent for sealing & puncture resistance.


    I’ve got mud x’s on my crest rims, went on by hand, and inflated with the track pump, you do have to make sure that the bead of the tyre is sitting in the channel. I didn’t find using sealant a major faff, no worse than fixing a tube trailside with freezing fingers!

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    Hi fitted non UST 2.35 Kevlar Highrollers to a set of crests easily and they blew up but did burp off. So replaced with a Schwalbe Nobby Nic 2.25 UST and it was a bugger to fit but did manage without tyre levers, it blew up with a hand pump it was that tight 🙂


    Hey thanks all was going to Rocket Rons 2.25s EVO after reading what you all said it seams to make a little more sense.

    Should be nice and light I suspect


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