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  • eyerideit

    I’m looking at 3 series tourers and the ones around my budget are all hovering around the 100,000 miles mark.

    Can anyone tell me what’s due maintenance wise around this millage?

    Thanks in advance.


    In my experience, by 100k the suspension will be a bit baggy, but a lot of people won’t notice, and if it’s a diesel, budget £1k for a replacement turbo at some point. If it’s an auto, ignore the “oil is for life of vehicle” statement, and get the tranny flushed and re-oiled.


    Should have said: Servicing is “condition based” not mileage based, so there is no fixed schedule really. “Major” services are expensive at main dealers (As you might expect) and can include things like brake fluid change (every 3 years) etc. Find a good local independant garage, and the major services are not too bad (no more than any other car really)


    Which model 3 series? I have a e90 3 series that I got at about 110 000 and I would buy another. The cars themselves have some issues that often show up at around 100 000. Turbo, dual mass flywheel and leaking diesel pipes are the common ones.

    Check the honest john site for some reviews and things to look out for.

    Mine is at about 170 000 now and you wouldn’t know it by looking at it or driving it.


    If we’re talking E46’s lots of people say the cooling system. However, in the two that I had (67k to 80k miles and 110k to 125k miles) then I never touched it in either.

    Wishbone bushes are something to check on E46’s. They only tend to last 40k to 60k miles if that.


    Going for a manual with a FSH (main dealer). So hopefully there might be information as to ‘what’s up and coming’


    ’55 plate E91 320D on 130k (M47T2). I’ve done the dampers and (manual) gearbox oil. Other than that it’s just been service items. The rad is starting to look a bit sorry for itself. Exhaust is fine. Suspension bushings seem OK. Clutch/DMF are fine. Some of the underside is starting to look a bit scabby, so the plan is to go over that this summer and have a good tidy up.

    Generic issues have been EGR thermostats (need to check mine again), the bluetooth module has packed up and the luggage cover creaks. Other than those, it’s been a pain free vehicle (touches wood!)

    (I beliveve the post facelift 320ds have a tendency to lunch their timing chains and it’s an engine out job to replace them)


    Also they will be 10/11 plate not sure what model (facelift/non facelift version) exactly.

    But it will be a 318d as they are good on emissions and economy.

    Premier Icon MartynS

    05 plate here with 105000.

    had a turbo pipe replaced and the swirl flaps done (don’t snigger…!)
    just been serviced and MOT’d with only a split boot needing doing.

    feels really solid and is the best driving car I’ve owned.

    Find a good Indi to service it and your laughing.
    Mine had a full dealer history, but even then it seems they’d not done some filters when they should have.

    b r

    As a note of caution, my E39 535i’s engine was as sweet as a sweet thing with nearly 150k on – and everything else still worked perfectly.

    And then the auto-box went u/s…, they needed more money to ‘look’ at what the problem could be than the car was worth.

    IME Only buy something with +100k on if it was cheap enough – ie, less than £3k.

    Premier Icon surroundedbyhills

    Had a few BEmms myself, but only one diesel. Consensus from one mechanic I spoke to was the petrols soak up the miles but the diesels get “tired” and the auto boxes (either) get ropey around 100k mark.

    I took an E34 from 60k to 130k mark (525i manual) but it was underfloor rust and the brakelines that saw me part company with her.


    My current 318i petrol is still going strong at 193,000 miles. It still feels good and solid to drive, I have maintained it well mind. One thing to consider at high mileage are the bushings start going/get worn and can be a pain in the arse to do on the rear subframe. This will be my second BMW that I have taken over 200,000 miles!


    Ex owner of 2 530D sport tourings here, put 175k and 240k on respectfully (over 5 years respectfully), both dependable, dealer maintained mind.
    Only thing I recall going pop were the front pads and discs on the 240k one when the pads disintegrated…
    Interior and general driving I had no issues at all with, driver seat (heated) packed up once but it was a blown fuse, the carpets around the brake peddle and go peddle were starting to wear thin and the boot lining around the tailgate.
    Both used heavily for both towing boats and windsurfing gear across the UK and Europe.
    I owuld buy another.

    Premier Icon Tiboy

    110k E46 330i touring here, cost £1600 to buy and has needed the odd maintenance bit, wishbones were well worth doing along with Rear trailing arm bushes (RTAB), cooling system probably needs doing according to interweb wisdom, but no rush.

    Has been great value for money, returning 33MPG on average over 15k miles, though it will get into low teens if you have fun! 🙂

    highly recommend for the age of car, it is really easy to work on, haynes available and realoem website allows you to find exactly what parts we fitted to your car based on VIN, see here:


    All in all good buy for us, helped a lot by the great forums, Bimmerforums is my favorite


    We don’t do many miles mostly short runs (supermarket/ taking the dog out) at home and then a few 500-1000 trips a year.

    So would we better off with a petrol or diesel?

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