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  • sleigh62

    I’ve been told that a 10 speed Zee shifter only work with Zee rear meach … is that true?

    I have a SLX clutch mech and was hoping to use that but am I wasting my time trying to set it up?

    any info gratefully received.

    Well mine works with an xt mech so I’ll go for… cobblers.

    Premier Icon akira

    Zee shifter with xt mech, no explosions so far. I’ll suggest whoever told you it didnt work was a fool.

    Rubbish, as above.

    Zee shifters are ace btw.

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    All Shimano 10 speed works with all 10 speed Shimano. Mix and match to your hearts content.

    Depends on the feel you require or like as to which combinations work best. The ZEE shifter is a big firm clunk. The ZEE mech is in all intents and purposes a SLX mech with a shorter cage and less metal machined off. They share lots of the same spare parts.

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    I use Zee 10sp shifters on two bikes with Deore clutch mechs – as a cheaper alternative to Deore!


    Zee 10 speed has the same 10 speed pull ratio as all of the 10 speed dynasis shifters/mechs.

    I was using a deore shifter and mech, swapped to a zee mech and finally swapped to a zee shifter. All worked fine.


    Shifters are lovely

    The mechs are often made of balsa wood and cheese

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    All MTB Shimano 10 speed works with all MTB10 speed Shimano



    perfect … I’ll get on with the build then …

    Thanks everyone


    Yep, Zee shifters work with all Shimano MTB stuff.
    The Zee mechs are actually made of swiss cheese, it’s true. So avoid them if you clank things onto rocks/tress often.
    Shifters are good tho’

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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