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  • YT Wicked 650B sizing query
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    Can you compare the ‘reach’ figure. It might be that they’ve steepened the seat tube, in which case there might be less of a difference.


    I met a chap at gisburn last week who was on a 650b wicked. He let me have a quick go and it was great but small. I normally ride a small and the medium fitted perfectly. Guy Kesteven has just done a good review of one. On bike magic have a look on that

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    The seat tube on the old 26 inch Wicked was 73.5 and the new 650B Wicked is 75. Reach figures are 455 and 443mm respectively.

    I’ve just had a good look on BikeMagic and can’t see anything on the Wicked? And I really did have a proper look!

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    I saw the BikeRadar review of the YT Capra but no Wicked?

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    Seriously pondering buying a YT Industries Wicked 650B but pondering the top tube length and scratching my chin…

    Previously the old 26 inch Wicked had a 630mm top tube and then the new fangled 650B rocks up with a 600mm top tube. My current bike is a large Pitch with a 620mm top tube. All measurements are for horizontal top tube not actual length.

    I am essentially worrying about 2cm and will it make that much difference?

    Top Tube (horizontal) 600mm
    Reach 443mm
    Stack 600mm
    Seat Tube 480mm
    Chainstay 430mm
    Head Tube Angle 66°
    Seat Tube Angle 75°
    BB height 355mm
    Wheelbase 1180mm
    Headtube length 125mm

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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