YT Jeffsy (2016) AL Mech hangers

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  • YT Jeffsy (2016) AL Mech hangers
  • submarined

    My mate’s Jeffsy’s shifting is playing up, possibly since I fell of it t’other week… There’s no way he’d let me replace the mech hanger, so naturally I’m doing it anyways – has anyone bought a replacement mech hanger for a ’16 Jeffsy from anyone other than YT themselves?
    I think this: should fit, but I’m not 100%?

    Premier Icon Poopscoop

    That looks right to me but why not straighten the existing one mate? The alignment tool is cheap and I wouldn’t be without one having bought one to help get 12 speed systems shifting sweetly.👍

    You might find the new hanger isn’t 100% in alignment when fitted anyway and also need tweaking….

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    Stiffer than the standard item for crisper gear changes

    This bit from that eBay posting worries me somewhat. I’ve changed my mech hanger twice on my Jeffsy CF, and they do appear to be made of (soft) cheese. At the same time, having a stiffer one somewhat defeats the object of having a (disposable) hanger rather than transferring the damage to a (much less disposable) chain/seat stay, Shirley?

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