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  • you've got 3 wishes….. but…
  • solo…. whilst i think you’re being very kind with your third wish are you sure when it came down to it you wouldn’t want a cross between a dinosaur and a shark?

    like really really sure? 😀


    you cannot wish for more wishes

    I wish for more genies. Or more magic jackets. Failing that,

    The intelligence of the guy at the end of Limitless – being able to learn a language or a martial art in a few hours sounds pretty awesome.
    Technical ability of Sam Hill, fitness and power of Spartacus (but I get to keep my weight), but the ability to improve beyond (I was going to make this two wishes but someone else did this so whatever).

    Immortal, invincible – every time I hit the age of 65 I go back to being 18, but am still capable of committing suicide.

    1) I’d wish for everyone to be happy.

    O brave new world, that has such people in’t!

    1 I wish that everyone could have a visit from the genie and get three wishes
    2 That one of the wishes is that everyone wished that everyone else could get a visit from the genie with the attendant three wishes
    3 Really? Two isn’t enough? Ok, now with a more or less infinte numebr of wishes available to them, everyone has the lifespan of a mayfly, and they cannot unwish that

    EDIT – 3 doesn’t apply to mungue-chick until she comes back from her fabby diving holiday


    Selfish: Enough money that I could retire to Morzine and run a chalet/hotel to keep me busy. With enough left over to buy a house each for my kids, get them started in life.

    Bike-related: proper DH ability. Not bothered about mad jumps (though that’d be nice, obviously) but the skill to ride really well on a DH race course and still need to pedal ‘cos otherwise I’d be going too slowly (currently I’m often braking ‘cos I’m going too fast)….that’d be nice.

    Anything: Seeing millions of people suffering in Africa is pretty troubling, especially when a lot of it is man-made. I’d like to see all evil dictator types explode in a ball of fiery righteousness. Oh, and for Call Me Dave to dissolve back into the pool of slime from which he ‘evolved’.


    1 wish must be an entirely selfish wish.
    1 wish must be about a skill on a bike.
    the last wish can be whatever you want.

    1) Immortality at the age of 30
    2) Never to crash
    3) Immortality of a loved one


    Selfish – for my brother to not have been born with severe multiple disabilities (and yes it counts as selfish as the thing that would make me happiest is to see him able to live a life free from pain and enjoying some of the ‘normal’ things we all take for granted)

    Bike – to build up the fitness I’m going to need to do the TransAm next year

    General – to have a world where everyone just cares a bit more, with compassion and empathy, and less ridicule and criticism (failing that, can I have the pick of the dino-sharks? I’d quite like the cutest and friendliest one as a pet …)



    Sorry dude. Its a good wish, but as you might be able to tell.
    I’ve been thinking about doing that for sometime.

    If I ever get lottery style money, I’m am going to try wish 3.

    Be better though if I had the suede genie backing me up.


    1 – £1bn gift from Roman A.
    2 – Tour de France level fitness for the rest of my life
    3 – Redknapp to be convicted and jailed for fraud

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