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  • Sue_W

    Yey! Survived my first outing with the local road club – despite being the only person on a touring bike, and the only girl in a group of about 40 boy racers! Quite chuffed that I managed to keep up in the middle of the pack, and didn’t ride into anyone (how close do roadie’s ride the each other – I felt as though my sweat was going to end up dripping on the rear tyre of the guy in front 😯 ).

    Glad I did it as it was my way of celebrating the life of a friend who sadly died last Thursday – he lived life to the full and it felt appropriate to remember him by going out biking rather than sitting in crying.

    So, did you guys manage to get out for your planned weekend rides?


    Ah that’s lovely Sue. I did a nice natural ride round Inners – mild but very windy.

    So sorry to hear about your friend, Sue. 🙁

    despite being the only person on a touring bike

    Please, please tell me you took the pannier rack off? 😯

    I jolly well have not bin out for a proper ride in bloody ages. Was hoping to this weekend at last, now it’s stopped flipping raining, but a dose of ManFlu followed by a cricked neck has put the kybosh on that. 😡

    Premier Icon postierich

    Early ride before the rain hit Kentmere way,riding my ss was a bit of a shock to the system was good to get out
    P1080066 by Richard Munro, on Flickr!

    P1080070 by Richard Munro, on Flickr
    P1080065 by Richard Munro, on Flickr


    2 days riding on the coast, hit the spot for me,
    i often think of friends no longer with us here when i ride, many did not bike but liked the stories, films and pics…


    Gentle pootle above the clouds in South Wales testing out my new wide bars and short stem setup.
    Was very pleased with the experiment.


    Elf – pannier rack stayed on 🙂 You know I’m no good at conformity and abiding by the rules – so I guess that goes for roadie protocols as well.

    And it’s been one of those times which has reminded me that life is short and precious to worry about whether we ‘look the part’ or if we’re fit enough to join in – we should live for today because at some point we will run out of tomorrows. Good to see so many folks out living life to the full this weekend (and some great photos too).


    First time I have not ridden in years, busy with family stuff and been like a grumpy kid to the wife because of it 😡 Roll on tomorrow night……

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    Had a class ride today – superb route courtesy of Mr Pook of this parish, around Castleton in the Peaks. A mere 20 miles but it wiped me out, loads of up and down. Finished off with the cavedale descent in heavy rain, not ridden it before – Bloody hell. Tip of the hat to anyone who can straighten that one out.


    Completed a 108km road Audax for the first time today…. I can conclude that road bikes are painful after 4 hours. Lovely idea Sue.

    Elf – pannier rack stayed on


    Mental. I knew it.

    Quite chuffed that I managed to keep up in the middle of the pack


    With a pannier rack on???!

    Hardcore. Why din’t you use yer Dolce? 😕


    Went out today for a 30miler. Not an exciting ride but did ride a load of new trails including some in and around Kingley Vale which I’ve ridden through but not stayed within. Found the starts of the downhill tails which I’ve wondered about for a while. Went tubeless this week and this was the first ride… had a puncture within 5 minutes of the house!! Ditched the winter wear too today

    [Crap photo I know]


    wasnt planing to but got to preston bmx track , very damp but good fun


    @ Elf – frayed gear cable on the dolce 🙁 Didnt want to risk ending up riding the equivalent of a SS with a bunch of roadie’s – would never have survived!

    @ benjbish – 108km audax in January! Respect!

    What a weekend of riding!

    Friday night I went to the velodrome for ‘sprint night’ which involved loads of flying 250m, flying 100’s, standing 250’s. My legs were shaking at the end.

    Saturday was 55 hilly club run. Sunday I decided to take the fixie out (with mudguards) as my road bike got plastered saturday. What a mistake! We rode out to Usk from Bristol. 72 miles fixed with 1,500 metres of climbing. Those descents were scary.

    stairs are a big issue today 😀

    (mountain bike is coming out this week.. lots of road recently)

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