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  • Your unmissable northern France spots?
  • freeagent

    Mont St Michel.
    Do an evening tour – they play creepy sound effects and have cool lighting – its ace!

    There are several campervan sites nearby – Camping Les Haliotis in Pontorson is very nice, and you can cycle traffic free to Mont St Michel along side the river/canal.

    St Malo is really nice.

    Dinard (next town along from St Malo) also great.

    Avranches is a fairly pleasant town.

    Hope this helps.


    Baie de la Somme is very picturesque, fantastic beaches.
    Le Crotoy is also a rather nice Victorian seaside town, which does get rammed in summer, but again with access to great beach, the estuary, and the park nearby.
    We like going there on our way back from things, sometimes staying in Abbeville.

    Premier Icon mikey-simmo

    Visit the Omaha cemetery for an impression of how much it all cost. Lovely place to visit.

    Premier Icon trailwagger

    +1 for St Malo

    Premier Icon ton

    Dinan, Dinard and Perros Guirec are all fantastic.


    la coupole missle launch site. fascinating and saddening (built by labour camps)

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    Slight hijack but a couple of decades ago, I set off from St. Malo on my honeymoon (Wifey came too) on a drive down through France (In a Clio obviously) when, completely by accident, we found a huge castle that was situated in the middle of a town. We drove around a corner and started descended and there it was.

    I’ve forgotten the name of it and have been trying to work out where it was ever since. It Would be great if anyone knows where/what I’m on about and a great place for the OP to go if anyone figures it out.


    Fougeres castle perhaps?

    If you fancy a bit of Go ape action, then foret de ville Cartier is worth a visit, 30m up in the canopy and took my kids (all 20yr +) and partners about 6hrs to complete at a leisurely pace

    +1 for going to mont st Michel in evening, it’s packed during the day

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    Planning a 2 week camper van jaunt along the north coast of France and Brittany. Definitely plan a visit to the beaches and war memorials. Anything else we should consider? Have bikes as well

    Premier Icon DavidB

    Thanks all..what should we eat?

    Premier Icon Clobber

    Try Fougeres Castle DavidB…

    (Thanks Dickyboy… :lol:)


    Oceanopolis Brest great for a rainy day and quite fascinating.
    Any seafodd restaurant in Roscoff – other towns are available.
    Ile de Batz – ferry and walking
    Ile de Brehat – ferry and walking warning you may not want to leave.


    As others have said

    Le Mont Saint-Michel (busy but absolutely breathtaking and unmissable)
    St Malo
    Fougeres Castle (DavidB)


    +1 for St Malo/Dinard. There is a sort of ruined fort thing that you can camp in. Camping de la Cite d’Alet.


    Also St Vaast La Hougue – a hidden gem, and Honfleur a popular but lovely spot. All these are quite a way apart.

    Premier Icon pedlad

    Second votes for
    Foret De Ville Cartier climbing and bikes
    Fougere Castle
    Mont St Michele in the evening is lovely, hellish busy in the day – If the weather is nice park at this moulin (48°35’06.7″N 1°30’20.7″W) and cycle in along the river then over the causeway to avoid park and ride tourists – take a lock and have a walk round the mont.

    St Malo – old town and Saint Servan district are nice
    Dinan and Dinard – nice walk or ride from open air municipal pool at Lehon

    Good walk and view of MSM from mont Dol

    Sandyachting is fun at Cherrueix

    Good walk and view of MSM from Mont Dol
    Best beaches are on the north coast between St Malo and Cancale -this one’s my favourite – Plage de La Touesse Rozven

    Good swimming pool at Fougere if the weather is rubbish.
    If you have kids (or just like rides and slides) parc cobac is fun

    Eat – if you like seafood go to Cancale for lunch and choose from loads of restaurants or have some fresh oysters on the jetty.

    Really good pizza restaurant at Ducey and steak on the fire bistro at Genets

    For something posher we’ve had nice meals at Saint-Quentin-sur-le-Homme, Pontorson, Fougeres and combourg but chefs change and restaurants close quite regularly so I’d use tripadvisor.

    Premier Icon DavidB

    Mont St Michele in the evening is lovely, hellish busy in the day – If the weather is nice park at this moulin (48°35’06.7″N 1°30’20.7″W) and cycle in along the river then over the causeway to avoid park and ride tourists – take a lock and have a walk round the mont.

    Bingo, that is exactly the sort of thing we like to do. Thanks

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    Bookmarked here too

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    bookmarked also.


    The little headland at Jacut de le Mare is great for pootling, beaches and pretty villages. Fort la latte nearby has an excellent medieval fair and is in a stunning location. The wood/forest festival is also fun for mass bbqs, cider, singing and dancing.

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    This book may be useful for overnight stopovers
    Also Camper Contact App

    Musée de la Paix, Caen.
    Juno Beach, Courseulles sur Mer. (Used to live there, so might be a bit biased!)
    La Baleine at Luc sur Mer (not really…!)

    Eat galettes du roix, drink Calvados.


    Not sure if Vannes counts as northern but the fish market is well worth a visit, there’s a lovely wee cafe across the street from the entrance that’s worth a stop at too.

    Also, Carnac is worth a visit.

    Mont St Michel is amazeballs, but as everyone’s said it’s hellish busy.

    The submarine base in Lorient is good if you’re into massive engineering.

    Bayeux and the tapestry are worth seeing, the cathedral is a nice quiet respite from the crowds at the tapestry museum



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