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  • Premier Icon Drac

    Veriber mountain biking probably the second time out as the first it rained most of the week.

    Last year to Fuerteventura the first holiday abroad with the kids.

    Reckon this years should be good too, it’s the whole family including my Dad this time as he’s going to be well enough this year to come as is my younger brother.

    Premier Icon sandwicheater

    3 Months around oz and nz with the mrs and money was not an issue.

    2 months in chamonix climbing and riding.

    1 month in saas fee climbing and riding.

    Now proud dad of 4 month old Dylan so can’t see something like those happening any time soon,

    Premier Icon DezB

    First hol with MrsDezB in Halkidiki
    Snowboarding in Mammoth
    MTB Alp-X Germany to Italy

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    10 days with the White Room 2011
    7 Months in Oz riding, drinking wine and travelling
    1st Morzine trip eyes blown wide open as to how big it all was – you had to be there in that frame of mind though


    Vegas 😀

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    Borneo Rainforest
    First “proper ski trip” Les Arcs 1982

    Plus whatever I do next, I’m trying to look forward not back

    2 weeks in British Columbia, driving around, biking
    Holiday with mates in Vietnam, 2 weeks back packing / drinking
    One of my snowboarding holidays

    February Half Term just gone.
    Cancelled Aviemore and got a last minute deal to Arabba in the Dolomites for £240 per person.
    We were really nervous about whether the kids would manage the skiing since there is only one slope there they can do without skiing reds.
    They did really well and were tearing about everywhere. Did their first red runs with them. The 5 year old had a complete yard sale doing one of the jumps in the snowboard park. His big brother did fine too.
    Found some immense off piste on the Val de Mesde and great days skiing with the kids.
    The only time we had any tears was if we missed out the side piste jumps on our home run.

    4 weeks in Utah skiing and boarding the world’s best powder at Snowbasin, The Bird, Canyons, Alta; climbing the world’s best desert towers and cracks at Indian Creek; cycling the world’s best trails: Slickrock, Poison Spider Mesa and Porcupine Rim

    3 weeks in New Zealand kayaking


    Seeing as summer still seems reluctant to show its hand round these parts inspire me with your best 3 holidays;

    For me I think they are:

    Safari in Masi Mara. Amazing photo opportunities and great experience.

    Renting a yacht with 5 friends and sailing round the Greek islands. Just sea, sun, food and drink.

    Maldives with the wife. Spent hours in the sea snorkelling, and the rest of it eating.

    Strangely, despite having many great biking, climbing and skiing holidays, they aren’t as memorable as the above 3 trips. Maybe because they were all variations on a familiar theme.


    A (gentle) cycling holiday for 2 weeks around Cuba.
    Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, and a few days in the Amazon in Peru.
    Thailand, Laos (including a couple of days on a boat going down the Mekong) and Cambodia trip.

    Premier Icon stevied

    6 months in Oz 2000
    1st Morzine trip 2007
    Honeymoon to the States (New York, Orlando, Naples and Miami – didn’t like Miami tho)


    For all the laughing some of the lads weekends away have to be up there.

    But from a wow/experience angle…. Kenya. A week on the beach near Mombasa and a week of safari.

    This Easter’s ski trip to the Ski Amade in Austria. We should have been skiing slush every day, not powder.

    Trip to Alpe d’Huez to cycle and watch the tour a couple of years back.

    Premier Icon thepurist

    Mine all have an underwatery theme…

    2 weeks diving at Bikini Atoll – amazing
    3 weeks island hopping/diving through Micronesia (Palau – Pohnpei via Chuuk)
    Diving the Northern islands of the Galapagos

    all have epic stand out moments

    Premier Icon stewartc

    Backpacking through South West China to the Vietnam border 5 years ago.
    St Patricks week shenanigans in the US with a couple of buddies covering NY, Philadelphia and Atlantic City, 18 years ago, ouch!.
    Been to japan many times but one trip 7 years ago with my Japanese ex, Tokyo (for crimbo), Kyoto (for New Year), Hakone (for the hot springs) and Kobe (for a beef treat in a traditional restaurant) all in one hit, perfect.

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