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  • Rosss

    Had a pretty big OTB up the chase on some cheeky trails the other day. The bike hit me from behind so hard I had a headache from chomping my teeth together yet walked away without a stratch – Should have been so much worse considering the speed.

    Nothing compared to yours though, you went through that jump!


    Haha, crashes were you really shouldn’t get away with it but you somehow manage to are the best! Had a bit of a sore ankle, but apart from that was fine!


    Definately are! I rememeber riding off down the track at full speed again thinking, maybe I should tone it down I won’t be so lucky next time


    This was my last a few months back 😳

    [/url] Untitled by danthomassw13, on Flickr[/img]

    Premier Icon chrismanc

    I done the san Marino in rivington the other day..thought I was proper “gnar” at the bottom..buzzing. Went though the gate down towards Belmont road and some s####y rut had me flat on my back in the overgrowth.

    Went from hero to zero..i blamed it on my tired forearms. 😀


    Had a good one today.. hit the jump quite a few times before, but always following someone – was a bit too slow today!

    Hmm, tad more speed maybe…

    Posted by Duane Walker on Sunday, 16 June 2013

    (Apologies for the FB link)

    And the victim – 4 snapped spokes 🙁

    Anyone else got any recent crashes to share?

    Good Friday, North York Moors coming down to Gribdale, on a clay surface of which the top bit had thawed. It was like riding on grease, front wheel washed out then hit something solid which encouraged me to perform a ‘spontaneous frontal aerial dismount’, cue head/neck tree stump interface. Heard a big ‘crack’ & thought, ‘what wheelchair tyres for…’, luckily (?) it was just my teeth cracking together, but my neck’s still not right.

    I honestly thought I’d done it big style. 😕

    Edric 64

    2 crashes today over the bars to get a swollen hand and then off again onto my shoulder as I couldnt hang on because of the hand injury


    Over the top at the Kenda Coffin decent at Mayhem. Muppet. Someone slow in front, changed line last minute, cocked up and over the top…. In front of a large cheering crowd. Stood up took a bow waved at the crowd and got on with the lap.

    I’m sure there are photos somewhere…..


    Finished work early on friday so thought i’d see if i could get under 30 mins on the red run at Haldon whilst it was quiet. Forgetting i was riding my rigid Kona with no grip continental speed kings instead of my proper bike i leaned into one of the quicker corners and ended up going over the bars and landing quite heavily on my right arm/shoulder/side of head 😳

    Really thought for a minute i’d broken my arm but after washing all the cuts out with water from my camelback i carried on and still did a pb of 32 mins. Spent all weekend with an aching shoulder and very sore head so that’ll teach me for trying to go too fast 😆

    Premier Icon simmy

    I done the san Marino in rivington the other day..thought I was proper “gnar” at the bottom..buzzing. Went though the gate down towards Belmont road and some s####y rut had me flat on my back in the overgrowth.

    Went from hero to zero..i blamed it on my tired forearms.

    Nearly got me a few weeks ago that. its right by the road so I think its a case of switching off a bit coz your “nearly home”

    Its bloody deep but I was only going slow so managed to stop, the back of the bike went up a bit but I stayed on.

    Fell off the pedals today coming down from the Pike to Pigeon Tower, first time in ages I’ve come off the pedals but think I was just tired today and shouldn’t really have gone out.

    Having a nap at the pike didn’t help as it make you feel worse. Now have a bruised and swollen shin with some nice Vault pin shaped holes in it.


    Riding a cheeky path beside a golf club that gets a bit overgrown during the summer, front brake lever snags a bramble branch, locks the front and another front aerial dismount to paying down in nettle/bramble beds.

    Still itching a week later !


    Had two crashes recently about 3 weeks ago hit a small jump wrong and it ended badly. 2 weeks ago first descent on the local trails didn’t realise how loose it was, I got thrown off line in a corner hit a big rock/stump which nearly threw me off right then but I held on only to hit the big log and not the jump pringled wheel, bent fork, excuse for a new bike.


    today – coming down lyons den far faster than my skill allows. I swear those three ‘speed bumps’ weren’t there beforw it was resurfaced with loose rubble. otb – broken clavicle. worst part was I got my first ever ride in a helicopter and couldn’t even see out of the windows! 🙁


    Last one was overshooting a jump box on my bmx, just went way too fast and pumped way too hard. Nothing bad, just a grazed elbow.


    Lost my front wheel over the top of a berm and took the rest of the corner on my elbow. Now I have a grazed elbow which is sticking to everything.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    I done the san Marino in rivington the other day..thought I was proper “gnar” at the bottom.

    I nearly wiped out about 50m from the end of the main descent a week or so ago, before the rain when it was really dusty.

    Then I did crash close to the end of the kennels descent, on the flattish bit where the trail turns into a kind of rounded hump covered in loose skittery little stones.

    Had another close one on Friday at the end of the Shooting Huts descent, just before the steps where it’s really fast. Managed to keep hold of it though after thinking I was going into the fence at 30mph.


    That would be Saturday. The front wheel lifted while riding uphill around an uprooted tree. I overbalanced put my hand out and cut my wrist about 1cm from the artery on a bit of tree.

    Washed out on some fast single track at Woburn a week or two ago, it was my own fault, stupidly I grabbed a little front brake while cornering hard because there was a tree looming which I thought I might hit with my bars, went down so fast I didn’t even have time to brake my fall, slid along on my face for a while, 2 black eyes, grazes and 2 chipped teeth.


    Define recent, as i’ve not fallen off this week 😀

    Went over the bars going down a three foot-ish drop. It was a section with a few different lines, I managed to forget which one had washed out during the winter, taking that one and pumping down it. As I started leaning into it I realised what I’d done, and had plenty of time to think “shit, this is gunna hurt” as I went down.

    When I hit the floor I though I’d broken my arm or something, but I got away with it. It was a sheltered area, so still bone-dry complete with dust. It was like landing on concrete. Currently sat in work with no skin on top of the left shoulder, a fair bit of gravel rash of my left elbow, a few punctures in my right knee and a badly badly jarred wrist/shoulder.

    Sadly, my front wheel (Flow EX on Pro2 Evo) is now a bit n the wobbly side. Need to address the damage properly at some point later. Might be after advice ow to true it out as I don’t think it’s too bad.

    Sadly, it did result in a small whole on my new saddle though 🙁


    Get well soon all you crashies! I think the dry weather and resultant fast trails has really caught a few of us out, especially after about 12mths of wet slippery slogging around at about 5mph!

    Van Halen

    you need to try harder

    my effort from a few years back at the now defunct esher shore.

    Premier Icon thepurist

    The other Friday night, on the tank traps at Swinley. Suddenly got grit in both contacts simultaneously just before the little gravel down/left/up near the start, so bad that both eyes were immediately painful and I was squinting. I know the trail well so figured I’d roll it and stop after the dip, but it turns out I don’t know it well enough to remember the large, prominent tree stump on the RHS of the dip. Massive OTB, slam dunk onto my side – still bruised and hip/pelvis twinges a bit going up stairs.


    Wyre Forest 7 weeks back.

    Clipped a pedal on a stump traveling at around 30mph and it catapulted me about 12m, end result snapped collarbone and one very annoyed poonprice

    Premier Icon DezB

    I had a failure to unclip moment and whacked my knee and elbow on the concrete… I’ve only been using spds for about 20 years, like. 😳

    Premier Icon D0NK

    OP OOF!

    CX bike has tried to kill me a few times in the last couple of weeks while commuting, 3 big front wheel slides, 1 could have ended badly if I’d gone off the edge of the banking but otherwise nothing spectacular. Dunno if it really is out to get me or just trying to liven up my working day 🙂

    My Hemlock has tried bucking me over the handlebars a couple of times but it’s been on low level “nothing really” bits so just lack of concentration I think.

    Premier Icon Matt24k

    Picture the scene… My first ride after working at sea for 11 months, what could go wrong?
    30 yards into the trail at Coed y Brenin, in sight of the café, I go straight over the bars in the first rock garden and feel something go crack in my chest. 2 busted ribs didn’t stop me falling off again in the berm section not much further in but they did stop me riding the next day.
    I decided to drop my mate off at the car park the next morning and then toddle off to get the Wail on Sunday and a Danish so I could chill out at the cottage we had rented. On the way back a nice chap in a hat points his radar gun at me and asks me to hop out for a chat. As I get out some how my Danish decides to fall out of the door pocket and gets some gravel rash to match my hip, shoulder and elbow. Constable Cheerful gives me 3 points, a sixty quid fine and a guide to the less well known trails in the area.
    Three weeks on I still can’t ride off road and find that you sneeze and cough a lot more than normal when you have busted ribs and it hurts a tad. I had so much mtb riding planned but I am stuck to roads and cycle paths before I go back to sea with the nearest land being a maximum of 10 feet above sea level.


    A week and a half ago at Chicksands.

    Just sessioning a small jump on the line to the left of the slalom start gate, last run of the day. Landed fine but the front tyre gave way sending me down like a sack of spuds. Badly bruised ribs and a sore right shoulder. Not the most comfortable drives home!!

    Still stuck indoors off work, boss really not happy. Just hope it all settles down for my Alps trip in a few weeks!!


    Saturday – two very silly crashes.

    First one was the result of the high winds, blowing long grass over the narrow path so that I couldn’t actually see where the path was. I wound up on my back, in the nettles, swearing.

    Five minutes later, I found myself on a very familiar descent and having rounded a corner I came face to face with a fallen tree. I decided just to ride through it…however a loose branch whipped round and poked me in the ear, so I returned home with claret streaming down the side of my face.

    Premier Icon scaled

    8 weeks ago – Phillips Park (prestwich one) missed a landing and managed a level 4 ACJ separation.

    Needed surgery and i’m now plated/swen up, my last appointment at the fracture clinic was today and I’m cleared to ride again*!

    Hopefully 12:30 today will be my last session of physio too 😀

    *OK, so i rode to the fracture clinic, shhh

    Edric 64

    Further to my post from yesterday I have a broken ring finger and thumb on my left hand 🙁


    I saw the pink bike video really cool riding, you totally cased that jump! How’d you make your Facebook profile with half suit half hoody?


    Errr fell over my lawn mower at the weekend, does that count?

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