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  • Your opinion please: my Singletrack moral dillema
  • I posted a trail guide on the website recently and ST rewarded me with a jersey – great, and thanks! 😀
    A week later I got a second jersey which I owned-up to (I’m a nice person) and ST have admitted it was sent in error. 😕

    Do I:
    1) Return the spare jersey at my expense (ST’s first suggestion)
    2) Write another trail guide (yes, this was another ST suggestion)
    3) It’s my lucky day; keep the shirt and bad luck ST! 😈

    I’ve a week to think about it so what do you lot think?


    If you don’t return the shirt (via spensive insured personal courier), and write an article a month for STW, as well as building a little tunnel for hedgehogs under a motorway, I think you may burn in the Fiery Pit of Hell, for all Eternity.

    I may, of course, be wrong. People might just think you’re a bit of a git, if you don’t do anything.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    additional options, if sending it back isn’t your choice

    send it back & ask for a small discount from the shop

    get st to agree to you flogging it on classifieds, then paypal them all but the postage cost (or the whole lot if they collect)

    Re option 2: I like writing, and have no problem producing copy for STW (or ST mag for that matter). The problem is, I felt qualified to write that first trail guide, it’s kinda my stamping ground. I feel inhibited about writing about other people’s e.g. Quantocks, The Quarry etc.

    Option 4. I suppose I could just buy it! (though I didn’t particularly want two and like everyone else, I’m being tight at the moment)

    Option 5. I’ll post it back and they give me 2 PDF back copies in compensation for all the trauma (and postage) 😆


    Option 15…why would you bother telling CRC, followed by posting a link on the STW website if you hadnt actually decided what to do already. Stop being a willy waving ****. Just post it back.


    Just write another article .. easy then!


    It’s not a dilemma if you have more than two options….

    .. i thought stw owed paddedbra/fred/rudeboy a jersey from some old shenanigans back along.

    Post it to him. 🙂


    No, actually, I did get it! Very nice it is, too! I’m very grateful.

    I didn’t deserve it at all, but I do owe STW one. Maybe an article, one day…


    Why would ST suggest you pay for the postage? Surely their error – post it back tho if they’ll pay for the postage.


    You could always for go the option that is inline with your legal rights…. Its not 1 or 2.

    I don’t see why you should pay for postage. Do something else for them instead, or put it in the post with no stamps. The first might be the nicer!

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    Write them a review of the jersey.


    just send them the same trail guide again, just on different coloured paper. They won’t notice.


    buzz, if option one has even crossed your mind then I’d like you to consider paying for some of my mistakes as well.

    You have more than fulfilled your obligation by informing them. They now have 3 months to get it from you at their expense. You should inform them that after this period you will consider it to be yours or you will continue to hold it for them at a reasonable storage costs if they so desire. Disposing of it may require specialist treatment and incur further costs which will be passed on to them.

    “Stop being a willy waving ****”
    Sorry, I just thought it might prove entertaining to mention. No wii waving intended 🙁

    “It’s not a dilemma if you have more than two options”
    def[situation with unsatisfactory choices: a situation in which somebody must choose one of two or more unsatisfactory alternatives] – Gotcha!

    I think it’s easiest all round if I attempt to write something more. If they don’t like, or can’t use it, it’s not my problem.

    Ta everyone (except joe)

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