your opinion on…….howies clothing – rip off?

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  • your opinion on…….howies clothing – rip off?
  • odannyboy

    is howies gear the "emporers new clothes" for the year 2009?
    there stuff is so basic,bland and yet so expensive?
    t shirt with logo around £40 ,but dont worry, if thats to much go for the howies colour line (or something like that)…in otherword a plain ,one colour t shirt for the bargain price of around £20!!

    madness imho…..

    jeans are good. marketing bad.

    Premier Icon Spud

    Just don't buy it then………….


    this is the chat forum….get it …chat
    …not the blindingly obvious forum…


    nothing is a rip off

    if you buy it you chose to buy it, no one made you

    if you didn't buy it you have money in you pocket

    the only rip off is when something is not as described, not fit for purspose. is a bentley a rip off? or a rolex? or a ford focus?

    is howies expensive compared to asda? yeah, but then it's not the same as asda


    I'm not convinced it's not the same as Asda.

    Premier Icon easygirl

    ive bought quite a few howies items over the years
    i must say the quality comapred to other makes is poor, specifically ive had 3 t shirts go into holes, jeans come adrift at the stitching
    a fleece zip break.
    why do i keep buying them?
    i like the style, and up to last week, they always replace without problems.
    last week i sent a pair of cords back that had come undone at the pocket, causing it to rip, they sent them back to me with a very shabby repair, not what i expected for the prices they are charging.
    i dont think i have ever bought anything at full price, always wait for the sales


    im saying there t shirts for a get what you pay for, but anything over £20 is to much imho.
    i get idave's point is about value for money really but £20 for a single colour t shirt?
    the best is the "hand me down jacket" so called i belive because you willo wn it so long etc etc
    plain ,black cotton coach jacket type thing.simple plain ,good all rounder.
    but over £400! come on thats got to be based on the label and will be bought by…lets say..well off types who arnt worried about money
    but frankly its not ACTUALLY worth £400 to any one with any common sense??

    Premier Icon allyharp

    I don't think I've ever bought anything full price, just sales. And nothing other than the odd t-shirt for 3 or 4 years now.

    I've always thought the quality is pretty good. Same goes for the styling, but some of the prices are very expensive.


    I have a lovely Howies merino base layer and an ExtraMiler jacket both are brilliant, functional items. Expensive for what they were.

    BUT I have to say that their designs are getting more trendy and less functional recently. Still expensive though…


    I buy their stuff because I think it makes me look like a london cycle courier. It tells everybody in the pub that I ride bikes. And as a bonus, if I wear their clothes, girls that look like the female models in their catalogues will want to be my girlfriend.

    I've had three of their classic T's. One came in holes after a year, one had the front image printed about 1 inch too far to the left so it looks stupid, but the third has been fine.

    A shirt off them has been fine for a good few months now, but it makes me look like a postman. My fault that.

    I have some Olive Drab jeans from them that are the slightly wrong shade of OD. To me they look a bit like I bought them from M&S, whereas I was aiming for a rugged action man type look.

    They were excellent when I returned some stuff that didn't fit.

    I really want some of their Merino, but it's willy shrivelingly expensive.

    The girl who answers the phone sounds hot. I really hope she is.


    yesterday I found 2x Howies jeans in my size in TKMAXX for £25 each.

    Im a happy bunny.

    Although I own 3 Howies jeans (2x tkmaxx £25, 1x secondhand £25) and 3 Howies merino tops (all in the sales at £25 each I think) and a howies sweatshirt (£30 in the sale) Ive never bought a full price howies bit of kit.

    I paid £180 for that lot over the last few years, but the list price would have been closer to £500. Good clothes (but nothing utterly remarkable) but too steep IMO.


    I have found Howies quality poor, waterproofing a joke and longevity dismal. I would never buy again (didn't the first time really, they were gifts!)


    You get what you pay for.

    Organic Clothing cost more.

    Their Merino is turned into clothing in NZ where it costs considerably more to make clothes than China. Plus by not shipping the raw material halfway across the globe, it's inevitably better for the environment…. just more expensive for you to buy.

    Great clothes, well constructed, but not my style. I'm more Carhartt… myself..

    Premier Icon allyharp

    The girl who answers the phone sounds hot. I really hope she is.

    I went to a Howies travelling sale in Glasgow a few months ago, might be the same girl who was there. If it was she's definitely hot!


    I've got a few Howies items, mostly in sales or via my sister who gets 25% off their clothes

    One jacket in particar has been through hell and back on the bike with me without the slightest complaint, the rest has been perfect, especially the merino T shirt I got for £20. Is certainly better value than anything with a designer name on it IMO.

    But as has already been said, if you don't like it for some reason just don't buy it. Why complain on here? I don't like Ben Sherman or YSL stuff but I don't feel the need to go on about it ad-infinitum…..


    Looked at Rapha prices lately? Trendy 'courier' style clothes to make overpaid city-types think they look cool and cutting-edge. I've got quite a lot of Howies stuff, in fact I'm wearing a Syncros tee that was made by Howies, and I've got three pairs of their jeans, because I like the style and fit. Do none of you actually check out the prices of so-called fashion clothing? A pair of Howies jeans are around £85, it's not difficult to go into some generic high-street fashion shop and find some sort of 'designer label' jean with a bit of fancy stitching and holes ripped in for £170-190. That's bein ripped off. Now stop bitching. It's a free market – buy or don't buy, see if I care.

    I think their clothes are very 'uncool' and a bit expensive.


    i have quite a bit of their stuff
    their base layers work and are good but expensive
    their tee shirts are expensive but the sizing is woefully hit and miss
    on the whole the other gear (jeans, tops etc) is ok but again expensive

    i have had a few quality issues which howies have sorted without any problems

    i quite like some of their stuff and the new gear looks interesting but again expensive


    Just re-read my 1st post, and can see that, if read with a sarcastic intonation, might look like I don't like their clothes and projected image.

    I should clarify that this is not the case. That was all typed with a straight face. I love the stuff. I Love their catalogues. I want to spend about 3 hundreds pounds online right now, but instead I will buy things in dribs and drabs to eak out the nice feelings it gives me.


    What I dislike more than Howies is circular arguements on the same subject


    The Howies ethos is great and I really love their history. Their catalogues are the best.

    I'll just pop into TKChavvs now and again in hope of finding more Howies gear I can afford.

    Premier Icon grtdkad

    I've had loads of stuff from howies (often from their sales)…long way home jacket, shorts, sweats, ts, jeans, the lot! Never had any problems at all with quality. Great stuff imo and prefer to support someone like howies than the other brands…


    The Howies ethos is great and I really love their history. Their catalogues are the best.

    Ethos is great but what about their parent company Timberland? Are you saying catalogues are the only reason for buying their overpriced gear? Tell a great story and then sell lots of gear even though IMO its not any better than less expensive clothing.

    I'll continue to stay away from buying the stuff thanks.

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    For the price of a cheapo Howies T-shirt, I could buy a replacement carbon brake lever … easy decision … bike wins every time.

    Don't have any Howies products cos I would rather 'waste' money on bike stuff and the odd CD 🙄

    Really like howies and have found the quality really good in every purchase – just wait for the sale.

    Thought somebody might have said this already – oh, they have, several times.

    Hora – the circle goes on 😉

    Their basic 'howies' teeshirts (at least the ones i own) shrink. I want to like them tho 🙄

    Premier Icon miketually

    Their Merino is turned into clothing in NZ where it costs considerably more to make clothes than China.

    The merino stuff is made in Fiji.

    Plus by not shipping the raw material halfway across the globe, it's inevitably better for the environment…. just more expensive for you to buy.

    The wool is transported from New Zealand to China to be turned in to yarn. It's then transported to Fiji to be turned into clothing. It's then transported back to New Zealand before being send to Cardigan Bay.

    Which isn't great. But, they've said as much themselves after they found out just how far it was travelling and they're looking into either getting the whole lot done in NZ, of moving all production to China.

    Premier Icon miketually

    I got three of their T shirts in the sale more than three years ago and they were still my best T shirts until I recently spilt oil down the front of two of them.

    I got a pair of their trousers at about the same time. They were still looking god enough to wear to work until a month or so ago, when the knee finally wore through, despite near constant wear for a couple of years.

    My merino base layer has been great, though it did gain a couple of holes after I washed it with some velcro (but anything woollen would do that) on their equally great board shorts.

    I bought a jacket in their summer sale this year that seems brilliantly made, but I'll see how it survives before raving about it.

    Bought both my kids a hoodie each. That'll be a test of how hard-wearing their stuff is!

    All the above were bought in the sale, or on 2 for 1 offers, but I've reached a point where I'd be willing to pay full price for some items. Once you realise how long they last, their trousers seem good value (though I'll not be paying over £200 for their hemp jeans), but I'd struggle to buy a merino jumper for £120.

    Premier Icon vinnyeh

    Is certainly better value than anything with a designer name on it IMO.

    It's just designer stuff, like any other designer stuff. The market sector for it is a bit different at the moment, that's all.

    Timberland used to have a more outdoors oriented image 20 years ago – even offered a lifetime warranty on footwear for a while – and maybe trying to recapture some of that now it's no longer cool on the street.

    Northface and more recently Animal both made the jump from niche/outdoors stuff to mainstream.


    It's not a rip off..good quality, lasts for ages and I buy from them all the time.


    I'm wearing a Syncros tee that was made by Howies

    Do they actually make anything at all? I thought the most they did was put ink on t-shirts.


    so as an overview of posts so far, howies is bit to expensive and some have had indifferent quality.this was my whole point in the beginning.
    it not the price so much as what you get for it.i dont like the idea of marketing bods thinking, ok all the people will love this so lets ad a few technical features(merino wool etc) some good pics in the brochures and then whack the price right up and people will then presume its the best available cos its so expensive. its then bought by…people like me who want performance from there goods and skint them selves to get it(but dont) or x5 drivers (que whole new rant)who fritter away loads of cash cos it makes them look like rugged outdoors types…

    just to add, i dont mind spending loads of money..for some thing that performs or lasts. im also with cinnamon girl and her comment!!


    it lasts and is repairable, common sense is to wait for the sales – look at cost per year compared to the alternatives and it's not so bad

    sizing can be problematic, better suited to tall skinny trendy types, not average height manual working people – for a t to go around my shoulders comfortably, it goes halfway to my knees – maybe I'm an abnormal size, but a lot of other t's fit well

    Premier Icon metalheart

    I like their jeans as they fit/suit me.

    I have 'bought' other stuff in their sales but ended up returning it as I didn't like it.

    Had a couple of t's as well. Not seen one I wanted for years now.

    I think its mostly a bit of marketing hype myself (which is what these kinda people are apt to do as its their job to sell their stuff).

    A rip off? Well not for me as I wouldn't be stumping up £200 for jeans or £400 for jacket whatever…


    I like(ish) Howies clothes but had their rain jacket from a few years back and it died (zips), got a refund. Bought a NBL t-shirt a few years ago and it's by far the worst merino t-shirt of the 5 that I own . I've got 3 pairs of their strides which just don't fit me despite being a normalish size (34L), the jeans were too tight, too short and just cut "weird" while two pairs of their other trousers (bought in sale) one just felt odd and the other was laughably massive and also felt weird. I'm well pleased with a polo shirt of theirs I got though.

    I'd like it if they produced the same ethically sound t shirts but without a logo or anything and charged £10 for them. Then I'd be happy to buy them as I'd be getting a well made, 'green' t shirt for not much money and I wouldn't have to sport the howies logo.

    Alternatively, 2 t shirts for £5 from Matalan is top value.


    Grown men wearing logo t-shirts make me 😆


    strange comments about logos – almost all their gear is close to un-branded. you might find 'howies' on a button but that's about it – occasionally a small embroidered logo. I think their merino stuff is near the top end quality wise – as a few have said, if you like it and can wait for the sales…

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