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    This year:
    By mileage – My Sensa road bike, it’s my summer bike and has running as taken up a large part of this year the only big rides I’ve done have been on this. Worryingly, my PX Kaffenback which lives entirely on the turbo is a rather close second place.

    By number of uses – Kona MinUte cargo bike. 2 or 3 times per week it goes down to the shops and is used to run errands. It’ll be overtaken by my Paddy Wagon which is my commuter bike for 3 or 4 days per week but as I only got half way through the year so it’s not there yet.


    My Camber – I’m probably going to sell my road bike, it gets so little use


    only got 2 bikes, a road bike (cube agree), and a mountain bike (orbea rallon), the orbea gets by far the most use.


    Drop bar elderly Roadrat, resplendent in an immortal 9 speed mix of 105 and XT,cable disc’s,full guard’s and 28mm road tyres. Does my commuting duties, and in the dark month’s, evening and weekend riding. My MTB only now really comes out on sunny cold and frosty weekend day’s. I mainly revert to the road over winter. The Rat has been with me about 10 year’s, and I got it second hand. Can’t really say I love it, but somehow has seen many other bikes come and go, so it must have something.

    Premier Icon hardtailonly

    Saracen Hack – bought second hand 4.5 years ago. Daily commuter, often taking in a mixed-terrain route. Road bike. Thrasher around local trails. Tourer (for my son’s trips to the Western Isles). Dirty Reiver ‘weapon’. 3 Peaks CX mount. Must have covered in excess of 20k km’s in that time. Must have spent double what I paid for it on replacement / worn out parts. Always been just a wee bit too long, but we’ve adapted to each other in that time. Its just been a really, really dependable and enjoyable bike …

    Premier Icon edhornby

    Kona Ute – do school run with kids, then ride the rest of the way to work. indestructible.

    the commuter track bike comes next for the days (Monday) that I’m not ferrying the kids

    road and mountain on the weekends only

    I have a plan to flog both the ute and the track (or dismantle) and get CX because the kids are just about walking age

    Premier Icon woody2000

    Commuter bike > HT MTB > FS MTB

    In the 4 years or so I’ve been keeping track of these things, my commuting bike (MK1 RoadRat mainly, other bikes have come and gone) has done twice the miles of all the others pretty much.

    Crush 2,319.9
    Five 1,106.3
    Roadrat 10,680.8
    456 (RIP) 2,652.6
    Nicolai (RIP)519.7

    I need to do more MTBing! 🙂

    Most ridden by miles is the Trek Superflycommuter which has also been standing in as a road/gravel bike and my CX race bike (amazing what a change of tyres can do…).

    Rapidly catching up however is the commuter, which I ride far more often but typically only 40-50km a day.

    Think the Trek will edge further ahead after this weekend, got a 150km loop planned (snow permitting) but the Charge should close that gap for Christmas.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    My Remedy 29- it’s the right tool for any of my riding apart from commuting. The fatbike gets a lot of use too though.

    It ought to be my boardman hybrid but I can’t be arsed riding to work just now


    My 10 year old Santa Cruz Superlight has seen most use this year as it’s my local woodland bike and is helping inspire me back to fitness after illness. My Bronson isn’t far behind but will always be used less because it needs techy trails to be worth riding and it’s pretty flat round here. Road bike only gets a look in if I get dragged out by mates, never my choice

    Premier Icon SaxonRider

    In terms of current use, because all I have been doing is commuting, it is hands-down my CX (2016 Rapide RL Disc 2).

    For sheer number of miles in the last year, however, it has got to be my 2014 Wilier GTR.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Surly Disc Trucker.

    Expected just to use it for camping weekends and the odd big trip.
    Thing is, it fits so well and is so much fun to ride, despite the weight, that I use it for pretty much everything.

    Got home from work about 8 last night and rode it around the block, less than five minutes, just because it’s fun.

    Premier Icon retrobri

    Swift 29 rigid closely followed by my CX, the full on MTB just not getting out at the mo. I wonder if I’m calming down with age 😕

    Premier Icon madxela

    29er hardtail from big xc trip and commuting, but the 27+ rigid has won most of the MTB time..and may catch up as winter commuter now that its slop offroad, and frosty on.

    Makes me feel good to realise that the road, cx, full suss and brompton have all been ridden a fair amount this year too….right tool for the job and all that 🙂

    Premier Icon sirromj

    26″ daily commute bike, trigger’s broom. Since last time I posted a picture of it here, have removed the dropper post, and gone from 26-36-48t to a single 34t front gearing. And added lights + frame bag for battery. Might add mudguards if I start getting wet more than once a week.


    On One SingleSpeed put together as an experiment for £150 ten years ago. A few other bikes but it’s the most used!

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