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  • stoney

    KMB has 3 locations in town, the furthest of wich i can walk in 10+ mins….


    my LOCAL bike shops are sh…, "we can order it", yeah so can I, and get it quicker/cheaper, but I want it NOW! and am prepared to pay abit more for that service/
    Deep breath…
    Been to Steels in Newcastle today( 1/2 hour drive) great service, great sale-anyone want a £5k tarmac SL2 for £2.5k?


    Mike Cooksons….11 miles but I’d rather do the journey than visit the local place (sorry Chris Paulson)


    Cyclesense in sunny Tadcaster? 8ml from me or halfway between Leeds/York.
    Some scum did them over last weekend and did away with about 8 grand of bikes, got them back in second hand condition the next day after the police actually did their job!
    Great guys and good prices/service, Are u Local???

    Nearest (5 mins walk) bikelab, next (10 mins walk) ride cycleworks, next (15 mins) primera.

    Spoilt for choice down here.


    my MOST local bike shop is All Terrain in Saltaire.

    The one I use the most is Chevin Cycles in Otley


    Mountain Trax in Wokingham, 10 mins away by car


    RideOn,Rawtenstall or Merlin at Buckshaw Village.I live roughly halfway between the two.
    Sometimes use Leisurely Lakes in Bury too.


    the nearest one is about 400 metres away but I prefer the one about two and a half hours drive away, it gets used more often.


    Swinnertons stoke, full of gear, kit to try etc…cheaper than CRC….Sweet.


    Mine is Steeles in South Gosforth which I pass to and from work on the bike. But I choose The Bike Place. Far better and friendlier. Even if it does mean cycling past Steeles and my house to get there.


    the bike chain in edinburgh. they’re the other side of town, and i pass 3 or more other bike shops to get there, depending which way i go, but i wouldn’t use anyone else locally.


    mine is pitsford cycles, out by pitsford reservoir nr northampton.

    nice blokes, do the little quick fiddly jobs i dont have the tools for (headset/bb removal etc), for a pack of biscuits or a donation into the charity pot.

    sold me a set of brand spanking white 08 fox F100 RLC’s for £350 the other day, well chuffed!


    Gary Foord’s less than a mile from my front door, also get in the car to Swinnertons and Rourkes in Stoke 8)


    Swinnerton Cycles Forest Centre, Birches Valley, Cannock Chase.
    Good people, great advice, and they don’t rip you off or treat you like a numpty when you’re still a newbie to this game.
    Keen riders, but even keener to see you al enjoying riding too.
    Very good stock of fiddly little components too.


    I agree about Swinnertons on the Chase. Given their position, they could be a lot more expensive. I have used them a few times and always been impressed.

    Whats a LBS.?

    We’ve got halfords. The kid who worked there a few years ago was helpful and a **** good rider. This kid on there now is shocking.

    We have a shop a mile or two away that doesn’t even stock nine speed chains.! Manly cater for child’s bikes a super market specials.

    All the others are a 20-30 mile round trip. Thats why I have to DIY.

    My lbs is Certini with a fantastic range of bikes, spare parts, clothing, great service & the best LBS around IMHO. Been using them for years and spent a flaming fortune with them on bikes & kit and they even call me by my first name at long last :o)


    Hob Nob – Member

    We don’t really have an LBS. In fact Southampton, unless someone can point me to one, doesn’t really have a ‘decent’ bike shop.

    you need to get yourself down to the hub in shirley high street mate (although this appears to be down)


    We have 3 excellent bike shops nearby; Bothy Bikes, Fat Tread Bikes and Mikes Bikes. All great LBS’s and all run and staffed by riders.

    Premier Icon oink1

    Both off one of the main roads that goes through the town where I live.

    Premier Icon Trailrider Jim

    Shrewsbury has two top lbs’s, Dave Mellor Cycles and Stan Jones Cycles. One’s a Trek dealer, the other’s Giant and Spesh. Both owners come out on the Wednesday night club rides and both will usually price-match tinterweb. For stuff you really need to try before you buy, they’re essential imo. Now that’s a plug for you 🙂


    Evans, which varies between ‘surprisingly helpful’ and ‘walk out of door head shakingly bad’ depending on which youth is minding the shop…..

    I-Cycles in Innerleithen – Great service, down to earth pricing.

    Alpine Bikes: Okay service, though stuff in stock is always an issue.

    The Hub at GT: Not cheap, not great for a speedy fix or repair, but quality of actual work is second to none, if you get the right mechanic.


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