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  • Your cycling confessions
  • Premier Icon Merak
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    I was jaked for most of the last festive 500. Both myself and my riding chum packed a hipflask on each day invariably ending at a free house for beer.

    Premier Icon soundninjauk
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    I have socks that I only wear on the MTB and socks I only wear on the road bike…

    In my head this is fine .

    That isn’t normal?

    Premier Icon ajantom
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    Cycling clothes take up 2/3 of my wardrobe space.

    I have a drawer specifically for cycling gloves, and it’s full.

    The other day I was bemoaning to my long suffering wife that I’ve got far too many tyres. I’ve just ordered some more.

    Premier Icon jamesoz
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    I have too to many bikes the same, with too much travel. Every MTB ends up heavy due to stuff breaking and bein ‘upgraded’. I have a spare full suss, which if I’m honest is too small but I like it so can’t sell it..

    I haven’t sold a bike in 25 years

    I was a fair way into a road ride the other day, when I noticed I had odd shoes on.

    In my garage I have enough parts to pretty much rebuild my car, including spare diffs, cylinder heads, bottom ends etc.
    The bike stuff dwarfs that.

    Premier Icon Northwind
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    I have sold bikes after spending less time riding them than I did building them
    In the same vein, I’ve upgraded parts that I’d bought, fitted, then never used and removed again to upgrade.

    Premier Icon rs
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    My bikes coming up 4 this year and the suspension has never been serviced :embarrassed emoji:

    Still working decent though.

    Premier Icon missions
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    I enjoy wrenching on my bikes almost more than what I do riding them and my OCD isn’t helping. Since the start of Covid I have rebuilt all my bikes which include servicing of forks/shocks, replaced/greased all frame bearings, fully serviced/bled all the brakes, new gear cables and housing and trued all the wheels to within a micron of their lives. Hopefully we can get back to normal soon……….

    Premier Icon jabbi
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    I spend far too much time and money farting around with retro MTBs.
    It’s always been far easier for me to find the motivation to fix a bike than to actually ride it!

    Premier Icon zerolight
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    I’ve cut the rear brake hose too short on my current frame build twice now! It’s one with left side internal rear cable routing which is a pain to get clean. It looked perfect until I realised my shimano caliper mount wasn’t cutting it with the Hope E4 and the proper Hope one I just installed shifts the caliper up and back taking a couple of inches of hose with it. Gah! I’d already bled it too. First time round I tried to reuse olives and the jammed up between cable an ferrule, when I pulled the ferrule back to look, olive went with it and wouldn’t slide back up. Had to cut them off.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash
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    In 16 years of riding bikes with suspension, I’ve had two such bikes, had 4 different builds, and never once had the forks serviced.

    Which is possibly why they never feel right…..

    Premier Icon K
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    I have more cycling shoes than my wife has shoes in total!

    Premier Icon RicB
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    Yesterday I found two quite expensive cycling jerseys that I’ve never worn

    I haven’t ridden my mtb since Jan and the thing I’m missing most is countryside trails with some scenery, yet before lockdown I always tried to find the techiest trails I could.

    Premier Icon scruffywelder
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    Tore a tyre on a road ride today and made it 16 miles home using an empty gel sachet as a tyre gaiter 😳😳

    Premier Icon nofx
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    I bought my first pair of MTB trousers a few months ago & I’m amazed at how they don’t give me hungry bum 😁

    Premier Icon continuity
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    I really want to find an old size XS orange five; and build it up as a 1×11 26in childrens mountain bike. Carbon here, tubeless there. Must be a bucket of cheap 26 stuff knocking around.

    I don’t have any children, and every time my girlfriend asks about them I run away to play with my bikes again.

    Premier Icon tonyg2003
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    For lockdown I cleaned up the garage and found that I had 8 saddles spare. I also forgot that I had a pair of wheels repaired at the LBS under warranty and almost a year later they reminded me to pick them up.

    Premier Icon vicksplace
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    My bikes are more capable than me. Despite having an aeris and having big alps plans I suck at jumping and manuals / drops.. better off on an xc bike.

    I sometimes worry I like buying and planning new bikes more than riding them.

    In winter I dump my muddy hardtail straight in the garage.

    Premier Icon reeksy
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    Last week I added a new segment on Strava on a freshly built track … that I hadn’t worked on. One of the people that did build it has since added a duplicate.

    And i think it’s quite funny.

    Premier Icon zezaskar
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    I’ve done WC level DH tracks and 8m gaps but I can’t wheelie…

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