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  • Sue_W

    Enough of this general grumpy miserableness! Many of us have some time off over Christmas (acknowledging the much appreciated efforts of those in the emergency services who will still be looking after everyone). So, lets get out there and enjoy the bad winter weather! What are your cycling / biking plans for the festive season?

    I’ll be attempting the following:
    Christmas Eve – club road ride up over the Horseshoe Pass (might be blown off given the forecast!)
    Christmas Day – mtb ride over Conwy Mountain with other half, before an evening of food and drink 🙂
    Boxing Day – 10 mile “fun” Time Trial, followed by some ‘rehydration’ in the local pub
    Day after Boxing Day – proper old-school mountain biking day over the Denbigh Moore and forests.

    Really looking forward to it all 🙂

    What are your plans? A pootle and a potter with the family? An all-day epic over the mountains? A starva-busting road ride?


    To and from work on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, ad nauseam…….. :¬/

    Premier Icon tenfoot

    Short nightride ending in the pub tomorrow night, and a trip to Bedgebury on the 29th.

    Hoping to get out with the kids too, if it stops raining for 5 minutes.

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    tend to do a new year ride, rather than winterval.

    ace when it’s a snowy ride. blows the cobwebs away after the night before.

    edit: probably a quick blat up to Frankenstein’s castle


    Christmas eve -blast,
    Crimbo morning-quick spin before seeing my boy and opening pressies with him,
    boxing day- full on singlespeedy attention whore ride with various beady loons with cake and hip flasks and maybe some port and cheese as well

    first single Christmas in 20 odd years, doesn’t seem to bad at all really 🙂


    Depending on hangover I may be riding in’t Malverns for the day after boxing day, although there’s talk of going out drinking on Boxing Day so whether that happens is another story entirely..

    Hope to get out on my road bike for a quick ride on xmas day to get away from it all for an hour! Probably won’t have time though.

    Premier Icon FOG

    Traditional Xmas chip butty run on Sunday, road bike and then a night ride on the 27th, not enough really!


    Ride every day on road bike or mtb .. as long as its not raining .. or windy .. or too cold.

    Premier Icon gonetothehills

    Going to try to ride every day – finish at lunch on Christmas Eve, so am really looking forward to my annual indulgence of an early doors ride on Christmas Day to kick it all of with. I love getting out – even for just an hour – before everyone’s up. I’ll probably be home before half seven, but it’s such a serene time – always reminds me how grateful I am for things. Would be nice to get some long road rides in, but really just looking forward to having a bit of time to please myself.

    Actually – festive rides kicked off on Thursday night – a strange, but quite stunning icy / snowy / moonlit mountain bike nightride with the lads I ride with. By mid morning on Friday the wind and rain had returned, so it was even more surreal that we’d had the first proper nip coincide with our Christmas ride & curry.


    CANNOCK!! at least thrice, that’s a treat for anytime of the year. A local night ride Sunday night and then another local ride first Sunday after crimbo with my mate, finishing at my house where his wife and kids will be coming over and we’ll all make Christmas cheer! Hooray.


    Persuading my foot to get it’s shit together after snapping it 5 weeks ago. Hopefully should be able to get a lap of penmachno in before the end of the year 🙂 preferably at nite 😉

    Premier Icon iainc

    2 weeks today since big nasty fall. Hoping to get out on CX bike most days, but with achy body this foul weather is keeping me inside. Maybe get out mon or Tue and every other day at least, if only for an hour.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    Christmas day solo ride
    Boxing day solo ride
    Friday solo ride
    Can you see a pattern emerging?


    Yes me, I’m going to do the Ridgeway sometime during Xmas/New Year then I’ll be hacking my normal trails and enjoying not being at work.

    I’ll be joining in on Raphas Festive 500, so expect to get out lots and lots 😀

    Stay safe and blow your lungs out 😉


    Chase on Boxing day if weather is nice!


    Train from Birmingham to Aberystwyth day after boxing day, and then riding back to Birmingham over 3 days …. route planned is straight over Cambrian mountains and stopping first night in Rhayader carrying all my gear bikepacking style 😀

    Heading to granada so will have a look at the tour route on the road and also have a bit of an explore on the mtb. Nothing really that fixed.


    Cwmcarn, BPW and Thetford ( as in area)

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Well, the kids are both getting new bikes so I have plans for Boxing Day. And I only need 2 more miles to beat last years total mileage! Then we are off to the out-laws which is an enforced no riding event, despite them living 100 yds from the Cuckoo Trail

    I also need to unstick the back brake on my road bike, get a new tyre for my CX bike and replace most of the drivetrain on the Soul…more fettling than riding I fear

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