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  • nosedive

    hope hoops \ stans flow. brilliant value bombproof tubeless for the heavier rider

    stick a set of folding maxxis on them and they are even relatively light

    Premier Icon mboy

    mboy you raise one question I’m keen to discuss. Now it’s getting wet and muddy what’s a good tire to use? Is there anything that provides any protection from wet slippery roots?

    I’m not convinced there is one, wet slippery roots are every mountain bikers nemesis. Plenty of tyres work brilliantly in mud, but a narrow blocky treaded tyre doesn’t make for good performance over roots. Soft compounds and a decent volume are your best bet, something like a 2.2″ Rubber Queen in Black Chilli, or possibly a 2.2″ Bontrager XR4 also.


    singletrackhor – Member

    Coaching lessons with Jedi

    cheers guys it means alot 🙂


    just checked out your site Jedi, this I will look into at some stage. Looks great.


    Madison Flux Saddles are just re-branded Spoons but sell for 15 squid if you shop around. Most halfords have a tyre corner @5 pound each. Gooutdoors grips same price are best I’ve tried. Tesco cycle computer @ 15 with cadence and rear sensor. 15m cable outer on fleabay.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Forgot, Outland qr’s are cheap, light and reliable if Shimano one’s don’t fit your dropouts.

    Specialized tyres seem to be as good as the countless others I’ve tried, cheaper too.
    Purgatories are excellent, as are Eskars.


    -1 for Charge Spoon.

    Doesn’t look comfy and isn’t. Started creaking after about a month to which was massively annoying.

    SDG Bel Air is definitely the most comfy saddle I have ever had ,except maybe the old X-lite kevlar ones from the 90’s

    Ahhh, brings back memories of soggy butt’s, and extremely fun cycle shop rides.

    Like Mboy said Crank Brothers Candy’s are excellent, don’t get clogged up and have loads of float. They are also relatively light, and you can service them easily.

    Nobby Nic Double Defense. Nice and grippy, pretty light, and very puncture/rock resistant.

    Easton Haven stem. Nice and light and very stiff. Also looks pimp and very well made.


    I don’t think I’ve ever been let down by anything made by Shimano. XTR shifters are luxurious, I love mine.

    I’ll always stand by Hope hubs for value and great quality, but if this is really a money-no-object build, then Chris King hubs are on another level. I don’t own one any more, but one day…

    For balance, I hated my Charge Spoon, found it really uncomfortable. My bum prefers SDG’s Bel Air. Ti, naturally. (Which is apparently what flow just said…)

    The best upgrade I’ve spent money on in the last 3-4 years of riding is wide bars. I don’t think it particularly matter which ones. 780mm just allows you to attack more.

    Premier Icon Matt24k

    Madison Flux saddle which is supposedly the same as the Charge is my best buy at 18 quid. Compares very favourably to a Fizik Gobi in use and mine and 3 others I know of do not creak after 6 months use.


    Thomson stem
    Easton carbon bars
    Time roc atac pedals
    Best upgrades I’ve bought

    Don’t get pulled into the more expensive better quality way of thinking as very often this is no the case.


    another +1 for xtr shifters. just bought two sets to replace slx and xt, amazed by the difference. bit dangerous though, as i think i’m becoming a bit of an xtr shiman-whore !


    My best buy was my CTW Boardman FS Team .. got me back into this awesome sport after 15 years away!

    Great bike for the money and with the addition of some Formula Mega brakes and Sun Ringle Equalizer wheels as well as Easton bars and stem it has turned into a great ride, just wish you could buy some decent legs and lungs!!!



    I have a set of Time just now but too small for use with any shoe other than cycle, would like something with more support that also allows for using trainers. Still want snap-in though, not flats. Ideas?

    XTR shifters looking pretty popular.


    Time z freeride pedals ?


    Wet roots, there’s lots round my way, nicely polished fat ones in the main – I’m using vertical black chilli and that compound really does seem to get traction on them better than the standard compound versions, going to try Rubber Queen BC when these wear out.


    Paid £279 for a pair of Formula The One (new style) new from this ebay seller

    Great service and I thought pretty good VFM considering cheapest I could find anywhere else at the time was CRC at £269 EACH.

    I have to echo comments about UK bikes skills, but if it was something physical it would be the Deemax I have on my Session. Paid £250 for a pair on ebay as the guy had listed them as D-max and no-one else bid. Came with enough spare spokes for 3 wheel rebuilds too 😀


    £125 for a set of Shimano XT M785s from Rose bikes. I don’t believe the Formulas are better brakes, and for twice as much you’d need a pretty good reason…


    My best buys have got to be:

    Cost No Barrier:
    XTR RH Shifter
    XTR Rear Mech
    Easton Carbon Bars

    XTR Inner/Outer Cables
    Wellgo MG-1 Pedals

    Sunline V1 (745mm) bars were the best upgrade for me, almost feels like having power steering.

    My Sidi Dominators are 3 year sold and are still going strong, well worth the initial outlay.

    Maxxis tyres are the only ones I use on UST rims, nothing else fits or lasts the same (just wish their sizing was consistent).

    Goodridge cables is £30 well spent, perfect shifting all year round and last so much longer than regular Shimano cables.

    I don’t think any of the above are excessively expensive, either.


    5am, I have to echo comments about UK bikes skills

    cheers dood!

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