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  • You see an accident, cyclist lying in the road, do you stop?
  • neilnevill

    It seems not in London 🙁 Okay I was sat in the road, clearly conscious, but rubbing my leg and tangled up with the bike. Other than the car that had knocked me off, which I was half under the front bumper of, no other car stopped. Driver of the car next to me just looks on to the rondabout, checks its clear and drives off….then the next one does, then the next. I just love London for stuff like this.

    I was due some kind karma too surely. In the last 6 weeks I’ve seen 2 car acidents right in front of me and stopped to check people unhurt, helped clear cars frm the road, given my details as a witness….but when I could benefit from someone helping…london goes on around you. 🙁

    bit sore, but mostly fed up 🙁


    Heres Peter Griffin to cheer you up 🙂


    Maybe you shouldn’t have called the guy in the white Audi a f^^^^^g prick in the first place?

    Premier Icon PePPeR

    Yup, stopped the other day to help a roadie, realised he only had a puncture but (have compressor on my van) he didn’t have a puncture repair kit with him!

    Hope you’re feeling better soon.

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    If you were unconscious I’d have thought about stopping for your phone and wallet.

    I’d definitely stopped and have insisted on giving you a lift home. Generally people don’t care.
    The generally not caring attitude covers many issues and includes the life and wellbeing of cyclists.

    One day someone will restore your faith in humankind. In the meantime you’ve just gotta treat people as you would expect to be treated. Hope you’re better soon.

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    If I am next to the scene of a shunt then I stop. Just before Christmas I stopped at an rta, 2 cars, big roundabout. Parked up called cops out helped and reassured a woman who was in shock and very distressed and made sure that paramedics were called out to. Took half an hour out of my day and I don’t regret it at all.

    The way I was brought up I regard this as a basic piece of decent behavior.

    When I got run over last year loss of people drove by oblivious. So op you are not alone.


    fatboy, I didn’t even shout at the driver. I know you are referring to the other thread with the farringdon video, you may think what you like about the cyclists rudeness, but the guy throwing punches broke the law and I would like to see him brought before a judge and jury. however that is another thread so lets keep any discussion on that to the other thread.

    I was stationary at a junction, had been for maybe 10 seconds,waiting for a gap so I could enter a roundabout. Iwanted to turn right so I was in the middle of the right hand of 2 lanes entering the roundabout. 4 rear lights, day glo clothing, reflective pipping and armbands. Car driver admitted he was just looking on to the roundabout, didn’t see me and drove straight through me. its the sort of mistake that leads to hundreds of slow speed rear end shunts that bend bumpers or smash light clusters of cars daily. Driver at fault, but I’m not that cross. I am however fed up that nobody stopped to help.


    good for you garage-dweller. I’m with you. both my recent rta incideints , I’m a cyclist, its my homeward commute, its cold and I want home, but before I get warm I want to ensure others are safe, the roads are safe for others to go home, and I’m happy to help by giving witness statements. It just frustrates me that no one felt the need to do the same for me.
    I’ll keep stopping to help if it is needed though.


    It is the way of the world (unfotunately)

    I conciously make a point to after reading about bystander effect (above).

    Helped a guy who fell getting out of a taxi (needed an ambulance)
    A lady who slipped on the ice.
    Motorbiker who fell off on slippy white lines
    Car driver who skidded off an (empty) road – actually pretty sure he was driving like an idiot as he seemed reluctant to phone his insurance company

    Always check other cyclists ok!

    Premier Icon Nick

    I rode past a 50ish year old woman pushing a bike the other day, as I passed I asked if she was ok, she barked back “YES, WHY?”

    Really encourages you, you know, to give a shit.

    Premier Icon bigjim

    I rang an ambulance for a guy that got hit by a car when he sprinted across the road a couple of months ago. He was lying in the road and cars were just driving round him, only one car stopped and that was just so the driver could point out it wasn’t him that hit him. No pedestrians that were next to him stopped, a couple of others and me ran from a bus stop further up the street, everyone else walked past. When the ambulance came one guy turned up and said he had seen it and thought it was the funniest thing he had ever seen, before leaving again before the police came. Pretty sad really.

    I was in a RTA riding my bike a few years back and was lying in the road unable to move, I don’t remember much but I don’t think anyone walked past me, certainly a few people stopped to help until the ambulance came.


    I got hit by a car in Central London few years back. Volvo turned across my lane. I ended up on the ground unable to breath (broken ribs). While lying in the middle of the road I could see car tyres passing close to my head. Then a couple of legs as someone stood over me as protection. To cap it off someone then kept sticking something in front of my face (I’m still lying down). It was the driver trying to give me his business card. The Good Samaritan stood over me told him to fook orf.

    With air back in my lungs, my first response was “is my bike ok?”

    I’ve twice been hit by a car, once in central London and once on the outskirts. On both occasions multiple people stopped to help and give their details as witnesses.


    muppet, have you got big tits and a big smile? 😉

    last time I got knocked off I had 2 guys in a van stop and give me their details. They then totally ignored requests for a statement from my solicitor. Still, managed to fight off the driver’s claim aganst me eventually.


    I got hit in leeds just before xmas in what is considered by some to be a dodgy area three local ladies came to my aid , lovely to me hostile to the point of scary to the driver a cyclist stopped and a bloke gave his details to the police . The kindness of strangers was an odd possative out of quite a traumatic experience .

    neilnevill hope you have a quick recovery.

    Premier Icon Jon Taylor

    Sorry about your accident – you must be feeling really shaken up and crappy after finding that sort of attitude around you 🙁

    To balance, (AFAIK) I had 5 different people stop and help me when I needed help last week.


    I rode past a 50ish year old woman pushing a bike the other day, as I passed I asked if she was ok, she barked back “YES, WHY?”

    mate and i were climbing up to a popular hut at the end of a long, relatively easy fire road and a lady came towards us pushing her bike down the hill. we asked if everything was ok. “the battery is flat” was her response…..

    three weeks ago i took a tumble in the hills.
    at the trail head there was a guy with whom we exchanged pleasantries. he walked off down the trail, mate and i carried on faffing (not with each other). a few minutes later we set off, first through the woods and then out onto a meadow. the guy had seen us coming so stood to the side. just as i was about level with him my back wheel washes out and i hit the ground hard…. i slid past him a good 8m, my bike even further with both the bike and i coming to a rest in a barbed wire fence. as i lay there moaning the guy nonchalantly looked at me and carried on with his stroll…

    odd, but also kinda comedic, too.


    I saw the aftermath of an incident in kendal a few days ago. Looked like a rear end shunt between 2 cars at a set of traffic lights with a couple of people milling about talking. Everything looked ok so I drove round it and it was only as I got past I was able to see the guy, probably a cyclist, laying in the road – pulled over to get out and see if there was anything I could do but the ambulance pulled up so I left again.

    Still felt like I should have got out even though they were clearly in better hands than anything I could have done.

    Premier Icon MSP

    No, do you have cooties? You might have cooties, how do I know you don’t have cooties, I don’t want to catch cooties off you, so no.


    If I had witnessed your accident, or the driver looked like they were about to drive over you again then yes I would stop.

    However if your on the floor just feeling sorry for yourself and there is someone already with you then I don’t see why me stopping can make the scenario any better.

    If however I had seen the accident would definitely stop, or if you were dying horribly I would have stopped to ask the person who had rung an ambulance, and helped if I had anything to offer.


    last time I got knocked off I had 2 guys in a van stop and give me their details. They then totally ignored requests for a statement from my solicitor. Still, managed to fight off the driver’s claim aganst me eventually.

    Hope you’re ok, but you seem to have a lot of run-ins.


    riding a shared path thru a park a few weeks back stopped to check if an old lady lying on the ground a few metres away from her mobility scooter was OK – as I wheeled over I noticed her arm was already in a cast – “are you OK?” – reply “yes its a great day for it” and she pointed up with her broken arm at the kite she was flying using her good arm!
    Pedals off remembering to enjoy life

    Trust OP recovers soon

    Premier Icon simmy

    I stopped a while ago whilst cycling along the canal as a woman was on the floor with her mate sat next to her.

    I went to the end of the towpath to flag the ambulance down, when I got back to the scene, a barge with all their mates on had pulled up.

    Turns out they were on some kind of booze cruise on the canal. Got a kiss off a couple of them for helping though 😉

    Premier Icon woody2000

    I hit the deck on black ice last week, I went down pretty hard and was winded on the floor for a little while. Transit van drove up onto the pavement to get round me, shaking his head whilst he did it. Sadly as pointed out above, very few people give a shit about others any more 🙁


    I used to shout a cheery, all ok? if I passed anybody looking in trouble on the commutte into london by bike BUT very rarely when I was on the side of the road having a mechanical did anybody ever stop or shout to ask are you ok. one day about 30 cyclist passed by, only one asked if i was ok.

    Oi, you lot, next time you see ‘man down’ ask if he needs anything.


    In the OP’s situation would I stop? Probably not. Where would you park and wouldn’t you be obscuring the road/causing more problems?

    Premier Icon bails

    I’ve been properly knocked off the bike twice. The first time one driver sat there beeping his horn at me and the driver. The second one was caused by a driver beeping at another driver, she then rushed to pull out and hit me. The ‘beeper’ then went onto the pavement to get around me!

    I was in London the other day, saw an ambulance trying to make a right turn onto the Euston road near UCL hospital. It had had to go on the wrong side of the road to get partway across the junction, it was then sat there with lights, sirens, right indicator and extra “GTFO the way” klaxons blaring and there was a stream of cabbies, BMWs and Range Rovers just ignoring it. They weren’t even going fast or far. The traffic that was blocking the ambulance was in a queue, doing 5-10mph, crossing the junction then hitting another queue but they refused to leave a single car length free for the ambulance to get through. As it was edging forwards they were then steering around the front of it and giving the paramedic dirty looks for being in the way!

    Round here blue lights just cause blind panic, but that beats malice!

    Id always stop to help if I could, but sometimes too many cooks etc. Rode past a guy laying in the road at a roundabout last weekend, clearly been in some kind of altercation with a car and had half a dozen other riders with him. Just a quick check that all was well and they had what they needed (phone/blanket etc) and carried on. Sobering moment though.

    It often seems that people don’t want to be the first to get involved, once one person gets stuck in, then others will do.


    Came off my bike about a year ago, front wheel got stuck in the metrolink(tram)tracks near Clayton whilst passing a stationary bus, did a front flip past the side of the bus windows and landed heavily.

    Jumped up quickly due to self preservation(was lying in the middle of a main road) and dragged bike to side of the road.

    Nice men in a police car slowed down gave me a quick looking at then carried on ,on there way.

    A couple of deep cuts,roadrash and torn jacket and cycling shorts but otherwise OK.

    I would stop but seems like a lot of others wouldn’t.

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    Happened to me in Sheffield. Knocked off on a roundabout, clearly in a world of pain and no one stopped.

    Unfortunately does not surprise me

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    I can’t see why people don’t or wouldn’t stop. Always do and always would.


    Many yeas ago (up in Neston) I saw a down syndrome lad with his elderly mother tripped over in a church yard over the road from me. It was a no brainer that I went over and picked him up. He was a big guy and bloomin strong as I found out when he had his arm round me picking him up! Been many other times since and I cant see me ever not stopping.

    A few weeks ago a kid past me on his mountain bike while I was stuck in traffic. A few minutes later I spotted him lying up against a wall in a gated driveway with his bike dumped on the floor. I did a double take and turned back round at the roundabout I knew was up the hill but when I went back past he was gone. I guess he was just knackered after climbing the hill and was just waiting for the gates to open (electric), but it was worth me wasting 1-2 minutes to go back and double check he wasn’t having an asthma attack or something.


    Saw a lady barreling down a hill (completely out of control, BSO, no helmet) get wiped out by some poor kid turning across her who hadnt seen her. (complete chav, but easy mistake to make as a brand new driver).
    Called her an ambulance, moved traffic around her, chatted over event with the Po-po when they arrived, hung around for an hour while she was in the ambulance. made sure her bike got put to one side.

    Not even a thank you.

    Of course i would do it again just the same. Bit miffed though!

    I would have picked you up mate!

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