You lot were so good last time……….What's whinlatter like?

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  • You lot were so good last time……….What's whinlatter like?
  • gingerss

    Easy peasy! It’s a bit rooty and technical in places on the north loop but certainly not something you’ll find challenging in comparison to what you’ve done. It is quite good fun though, and well worth a visit if you’re over that way.

    If you’ve a day to fill consider the blue loop as well, or maybe the blease fell/lonscale fell classic.


    it’s shorter than all of them and no more technical

    you’ll be fine

    edit beaten to it by a ginger ass

    Good news. Is this with both loops yes? I’ll try and fit the blue in as well then should my fitness last. Cheers for the shouts; videos look good


    Blue is good fun, as is the rest. Dunno how far you’re travelling but ‘natural’ lakes riding is generally more rewarding for me.


    Is this with both loops yes?

    Yes, both loops are quite short. In total notably shorter than Gisburn or Penmachno. Maybe similar length to llandegla.

    Edit: actually I’m taking rubbish. Whinlatter red as a whole is in fact marginally longer than Gisburn, but for me it feels quicker and easier, so I maintain that you should be fine.

    The North loop is the more tiring of the 2 so I would do that first. They are fun but both pretty easy. I think they are about 10k each, south maybe a bit shorter

    Thinking of doing the altura trail this saturday. What’s it like? Lengthwise will I manage it compared to marin, penmach, llandegla, gisburn etc? Just about get round them ok.

    Cheers in advance

    Premier Icon muddydwarf

    Both North and South loops do involve a fair bit of climbing though, so factor that in if you’re not a fan of climbing 🙂
    Actually, the viw from the big rock at the top of the South Loop is fantastic on a good day with Keswick in the distance surrounded by the mountains.


    I’d do the blue route as well as a warm up as well as both reds. They’re not even as long as they claim to be as according to my gps they each came up roughly 1km shorter than they were suposed to be.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Combing blue with red south and do the north too, good fun fast and flowy in places, tight and fun in others.


    as above, both loops are fairly easygoing with some fun bits and not too technical. I really enjoy riding them, the climbs to the top are great, there is a bit more of a natural feel than a lot of trail centres


    My 2 eldest boys did the North last year, aged 10 & 8 on their Hardrocks. They rode 95% of it as well. Only a few bits i told them to get off and step down…… 🙄

    So, you`ll be fine! 😉

    I’m 25 so I’m hoping I’ll be ok. Does the weather affect it much as it’s pretty grim in the rainy city right now!

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    fastest when it’s really wet makes it grippier (no seriously)

    Premier Icon christhetall

    Did it in early March and really enjoyed it – much better than Marin, bit harder than Penmachno – some tight turns (I’m a big bloke on a 29er) and a bit of exposure at times on the north loop.

    I was quite impressed by the lack of fire-road – very little apart from a mile or so of slog on the north loop.

    Did seem quite short though – I was there for the afternoon and still did the north loop twice, the blue run and I thought I done the south loop twice, but it appears I missed a section – so take care when you reach the top of the zig-zag climb.

    Nice cafe too


    Yes i enjoyed that place last month, climbs as good as the descents!

    But if you just go on the other side of Keswick, try to do the Tour of Skiddaw, that was really great:

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