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  • Premier Icon Clobber

    Have you got any left?


    Guy at work smokes cigars and he smells like poo


    The price of cigars in the UK I’m not surprised you were sick!

    You can easily get sick and lightheaded if you aren’t used to nicotine, I (rarely) smoke cigars but never cigs and occasionally get a bit wobbly after a cigar.

    What was it out of interest?

    Tabs is where it’s at.

    The girlfriend shouted up to me “what the hell are you doing up there.”

    Find yourself a woman who understands the pleasures associated with a quality cigar


    I’m not in the UK actually. It was a Davidoff Churchill.


    buy a box of regal nippers and be done with it. Real mens tabs, cause they spell lager backwards.

    Premier Icon Drac

    Don’t they make Aftershave?


    Inspired by another stupid thread on here, I went and bought a cigar today. I thought “this is a hobby I can enjoy.” and sat on my roof. The girlfriend shouted up to me “what the hell are you doing up there.” so I shouted back “I’m smoking cigars. Now leave me alone.”

    Anyway. It was utterly disgusting. Why on earth do people smoke tobacco? Another £20 wasted. I did a sick also.

    That is all.


    Next time, but a nice Single Malt or Brandy to enjoy with your cigar. It helps get rid of the taste of the cigar.

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    Don’t inhale the smoke. Take it into the mouth and taste it but not down in to the lungs.

    Whisky does help.


    I love a good cigar but they have to be Cuban and they have to be smoked outdoors with a decent dram in hand

    I expect to pay upwards of £12 per cigar and usually buy a variety of small and large to suit how long I have.

    Also, as has been said before dont inhale like a cigarette. It will give you an awesome whitey


    I occasionally get one a Christmas / Birthday. I think I like the thought of smoking them, and going to Havana House (in Windsor) spending time buying one, far more than actually smoking them. Always a bit disappointed after all the anticipation.

    I’ve usually forgotten that I was disappointed by the time it comes around to buying another one, and I find myself back in the shop, smelling cigars, trying to look like I know what I’m doing.

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    Real men smoke pipes 😀

    I loves me a good cigar. Tend to buy mine duty free at airports. Choices are usually the following;
    Villiger – Play cigars. Nice light flavour, cheap and foil wrapped for ease.
    Upmmann Coronas – Lovley, light smoke, easy going.
    Partagas Serie D No 4. Deep, rich, warming, glorious. My ‘treat’ cigar.
    Monte AA – A rare number for me, had a box a while ago, but none left now. 🙁

    Premier Icon trout

    Real men smoke pipes

    Nicked my dads pipe when I was 9 and some baccy that was black as tar
    which he used to rub before loading the pipe .
    got the thing going and after a few puffs was sick as a dog for the rest of the weekend ( Yes Sat afternoon and all day sunday )
    Never told Mum what caused it .

    put me off all kinds of smoking for life .

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