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  • You know those 5 minute jobs ? :-(
  • Premier Icon oldfart

    About 745 last night I thought the spare bracket I bought for my saddle bag I could just put that on before I sat down . Removing bracket from it’s display card , thinking I had the nut covered and I hear a tinkling sound . Yes the tiny microscopic nut fell on the floor , but could it just fall neatly at my feet ? Could it f@@@ ! It rolled under my extension ladders that are led down against the wall . Cue get the head torch and a long bladed screwdriver , that didn’t work 🙁 The upshot unlock 2 bikes , put them out the front of the house , remove the steps that were on top of the ladders then move the ladders to retrieve offending nut 🙁 . By then it was half light but I still soldiered on ( dumbass ) result is I couldn’t see properly so I’ve got to do it today anyway 🙄
    Thing is I think I’ll learn and remember but I know I’ll still try and be clever and do 5 minute jobs at inappropriate times in the future . Am I the only one who didn’t listen to their dad ? I can hear him now ” You need daylight for that son ” 🙄

    Premier Icon joshvegas

    Internet told me that changimg the aix belt and tensioner in my car would take me 15 minutes so….

    Popped the bonnet and cracked on…

    20 minutes later all done, good job too as i did it in a halfords carpark

    Premier Icon StefMcDef

    If I got back every minute over the allotted five that a five-minute job is supposed to take, I’d live for another ten years.

    Bitter experience has demonstrated to me that there is No Such Thing as a five-minute job.


    Try attempting a “5min” job after a set of night shifts!!!


    Hmm …

    Thought I’d do the Epicbleed 5min Shimano brake bleed. Got the kit out and began taking out the bleed port for the front brake when my hand slipped on the Allen key and it goes flying across the (stone) patio. Bleed port screw and O-ring not to be seen 😡 After fifteen minutes of searching the patio and in increasing desperation the start of the lawn I still haven’t found it. B***er! So I did the rear brake, without any such problems.

    I’m starting to move the bike back in to the house ready to head in to town to beg a spare from the LBS when I notice, jammed between the brake and gear shifter, the bleed port screw! Somehow in the moment when my hand had slipped it had come off the Allen key before that headed off across the patio.

    So yeah, 5 minute job (x2 really) took about forty.

    Premier Icon davosaurusrex

    Decided to put on a new Magic Mary half an hour before riding last night. It’s tubeless ready, previous Hans Dampfs and indeed Maxxis and Specialized tyres I’ve run recently have gone up piece of piss with a track pump so this will be the same, right? Wrong, beads are ridiculously loose, 20 minutes later I’m knackered, frustrated, spaff all over the garage and tyre has an inner tube. And late to go riding. I’ll never learn.


    The last Mary I tried to fit tubeless cost me 4 hours over 3 days, and even the compressor failed, sold it to a friend at work who fitted it and track pumped it on sealing with 3 pumps.. Mary and hope don’t work… That was the last “I’m just nipping to the workshop for 5 minutes” moment I had


    As my old Dad used to say “there’s no such thing as a 5 minute job”


    @davesaurusrex – Both our HTs run Bontrager XR tyres on Hope wheels. Never had a problem getting a tubeless tyre on, genuinely a five minute job not even needing soapy water or any of the usual tricks until …

    Tried putting an XR3 on my wife’s bike, no joy. Ended up having to make a ghetto compressor and it too three goes with that. Another hour there gone 🙄

    I have three or four “5 minute” jobs to do tomorrow. I’ve set aside the whole afternoon but still expect my other half to come home from work to find me surrounded by bikes and bits and wondering why I haven’t started on dinner.

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    Five minute jobs only go catastrophically wrong when I’m setting the bike up for a ride the next morning.

    Premier Icon Pook

    It’s when my mrs assumes a job is a five minute job that i find most annoying. You know full well it’s an hour job – but within five minutes of starting you start getting the hurry up and interruptions.

    so many half finished jobs round here.

    Premier Icon jimmy

    Bleeding a reverb should have been, what, 20 minutes? Over an hour later, covered in bleed fluid, I decided to get it done professionally. Got it back a week later, the level snapped off next ride to start all over again.


    As my old Dad used to say “there’s no such thing as a 5 minute job”

    This is the correct^^


    Having a beer is a 5 minute job 🙂

    Put a new additional support in for some shelves recently. Bl00dy reinforced special comcrete old borrowed drill and bit. Much huff and puff. Unpack / repack shelves. Drilled 2 holes. 2.5 hours. One more to do and it’s slipping into the Manyana job category

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    The 5 minute job usually involves a 30 minute search for a specific tool necessary for the 5 minute job to be started.. Plus a tea break, a tea and cake break, another 10 minutes searching for a tool you’ve put down somewhere, 10 minutes searching Google for a description of the job you are in the middle of, a ‘quick 5 minutes on stw’, 4 minutes swearing and head scratching, another cup of tea. Doing the 5 minute job. There’s 2 hours gone just as you finish.


    Light bulb in the light above the stairs needs changing.

    Can’t reach light using current set of step ladders so trip to B&Q to buy a set of extendable ladders.
    Ladders too big so take out of house and remove one section.
    Now realise I don’t know how the glass globe around the bulb is attached (it’s about 60cm in diameter so not a one handed job)
    On to computer to figure out what light we’ve got and how to dismantle it.
    Back up ladder to remove globe
    Down off ladder with globe then back up with new bulb – wrong bayonet fitting
    Drive down to handyman shop in village to get correct bulb.
    Back home, up ladder with new bulb, down to get globe, fit globe.
    Job done.

    That’s a five minute job!

    Duration of a 5 minut job generally depends how long you have.

    If you have ten minutes to do a five minute job, it will take an hour.

    If you have an hour do do it, it will take 5 mins

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Changing the freehub on my Crossmax from Shimano to XD.

    Have you seen how tiny those pawl springs are? I lost two of them and had to go and buy more.

    15 minute job took a week in the end.

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