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    an old guy standing at a bus stop salutes you as you ride past. I don’t know why but I’m loving the winter riding this year, the colder and filthier the better.


    I too had some funny looks aswell today! 34 miles off road on cx bike.
    Never stopped raining!


    When a geordie buys a coat 😉


    the birds can’t find anywhere to land!


    I’m a geordie. I own several coats thanks very much. I merely exercise my democratic freedom of choice to never wear the bloody things!! C’mon, it’s not cold really…


    I fitted the chromoplastics lastnight…..


    Today was blowing a gale, it didn’t really get light, and it rained almost continually. The roads were a nightmare with huge, water filled potholes everywhere, and too much traffic. I was on a nervy handling road bike with untaped bars and slightly skewed ergonomics (it was it’s post-build furkling ride), and it had only had short clip-on guards. Plus, I’ve got a snotty head-cold – it’s the first time I’ve been off-colour for decades too, so I’m properly like a bear with a sore head … but yeah, it was great!


    Granted, I had to mince down a couple of steep road sections dragging the brakes all the way, and even ended up walking down one section for a bit where the road had been eroded away to a stream bed 😯 – but got home feeling properly smug at having been out riding in the weather. I am admittedly feeling just a little bit done in now , but hey ho, red badge of courage and all that! I’ll tape the bars in the morning and take it out again tomorrow.

    I’d imagine the old guy was either thinking … about the heroic nature of the struggle, fondly recalling his time training and racing a bike in all weathers, and heartened to see that same noble tradition alive and well, even in this day and age … et cetera, or, just entertained at the stupidity of a grown man riding a bike in the pouring rain when he could be driving / taking the bus. 😉

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    Remember rule 9

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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