You illustrated on bike!! Something for nothing . . . .

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  • You illustrated on bike!! Something for nothing . . . .
  • Looks like I’ll be going freelance next month.

    I’m a Graphic Designer . . . sigh, . . “not another one”, retorted the STW massif. Part of my plan is to do some illustration. I’m going to be working on it as I go along, there is a fair chance I may have some spare hours available to hone my style, so . . .

    to start the ball rolling, I thought it would be good to base an illustration around an image of someone out enjoying what they do, i.e. riding their bike.

    So if anyone out there has a dynamic/interesting/unusual shot of themselves on the bike that they would like me to consider using that would be great, along with this, throw in a few ideas on maybe what else you may like to be included in the illustration, things that relate to your bike interest, or maybe another interest unrelated, your favourite lyrics/film/loves/where your from etc . . .

    Consider it a biking self-portrait if you will . . .

    I can’t guarantee – you’ll like it, or a time frame. I can guarantee – that you will get it as a hi-res jpeg to do as you will with it, and you won’t be charged, I’m just starting this as an option on a way forward, just be nice to know I’ve made someone’s day, if then, the said person feels the need to reward me, that is entirely up to them, don’t worry i’m not easily offended. All I ask is that I can use it as part of my portfolio going forward – and ownership of the illustration is mine.

    I’ll incorporate into it somewhere that the original image is your copyright and can assure you that It won’t be used anywhere else.

    My mail is in profile, but be nice to see some shots up here . . .

    I’ll stick a closing date for images at two weeks today, 05.08.11, at which point the following Monday I will inform the chosen one that it is their image/details I will be doing the illustration for. We can chat about it and you’ll be kept informed of progress throughout.

    Sound okay? Blimey I thought I’d just come on and ask for an image, then realised it wasn’t quite as simple as that!! 😀

    Awaits backlash, . . . as i’ve no doubt missed something obvious and I’ll have lawyers on me!! 😯

    Sounds like I’m advertising myself . . . eeek! 😉


    Sounds interesting. Three pics then, two “dynamic” and one “kooky”:

    that there is what I’m talking about. v good. 😀


    Me at the old Chain Home radar station at Stenigot in Lincs. Those radar dishes are huge…


    I did my rigger test on the one remaining radar tower at Stenigot. Sliding down the outside of the tower in wellies was an experience I’ll never forget!

    Bump tish . . . bump tish . . .

    Loving the Stenigot pic, I’ve been there but never on a bike… Can’t post the photo though! Couple of shots for your perusal:

    047: Thundering Downhill by Will Slater, on Flickr

    Giant Rob by Will Slater, on Flickr

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