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  • mr plow

    Could do normal minions, highroller LUST with just the track pump. Flow and Larsen TT with the “unsealable” bead took a compressor. Sealed and worked fine once it was up. I was always worried about splitting it as it is very light.
    Tip of putting valve to the bottom and slightly pushing up on the bottom of the tyre to get it started is a good one, especially if it has a load of sealant holding it slightly low.


    Yeah joe-blow is what I use, I think its quite high volume – better for lower pressure big volume mtb tyres, not good for roadie tyres though.

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    Deveron53 – Member

    It depends on the nozzle. My Joe Blow could inflate a tyre on my 4×4 from 10 psi to 30 psi in quite a short time but I knackered the head and have put a high pressure head on – restricts the flow badly

    Ah- that could be what I’ve got then- cheers! I’ll check that out.


    Be careful when inflating with a compressor. Don’t do like I did and blow the tyre of the rim. A mixture of stans sealant and fairy liquid in your eyes isn’t pleasant. Not to mention the ringing in my ears for two days. Felt like a WW1 shellshock victim .(not that I would know )


    I found it really easy with my Stans Flow rims compared to Mavic 819s. Even with non-tubeless tyres – straight up, with just a track pump.



    Thanks all, appreciate the advice. Yesterdays failure was trying to inflate the HR with a Joe Blow. According to the responses this is possible.

    Not feeling overly confident for success today but so far this morning:

    Greased tyres + rims with neat washing up liquid
    Fitted tyres
    Installed + inflated tube to 50 psi (to try and force/shape bead into rim)

    I’ll leave them until lunch then try the next stage.

    Thanks for the CO2 offer Tom, I may have to take you up on it. Although if it fails again this afternoon I’ll revert back to tubes as I want to ride tonight. You riding?

    Good news, second time round the HR on the front went on reasonably easy.

    The bad news is that no matter what I do, how much care and attention I give it, the Larsen TT will not seal and therefore not inflate.

    Can anyone confirm they’ve managed it with this tyre?


    Two tips:

    1 in your post you mention that you left one bead in place when you removed the inner tube – certainly with proper tubeless set ups you are supposed to have both beads down in the well of the rim before trying to inflate.

    2. make sure the tyre is cool when fitting (seriously!) ie don’t do it in full sun. Working outside in full sun I just couldn’t get Maxxis UST tyres to inflate – tried later in the evening and went on no problem- I reckon that as they warm up they expand and are a marginally looser fit on the rim.

    mr plow

    Read above – compressor and yes! TT with the “unsealable” bead lol 😉
    …however I would not trust it as a tubeless tyre if your going far…

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    I struggle with long sentences but.. have you tried putting your hand over the tyre where the valve is as you pump? Helps me.

    I can do ZTR olympics with a track pump, but not any of my other rims.


    +1 for valve core remove and inflate by compressor/co2/’ghetto-compressor’ to seat almost any tyre. Deflate, add sealant and valve core, repeat. (sometimes track pump works once the bead has already seated well on the rim)

    Good luck!!

    Sorry mr plow I missed your post. That doesn’t sound promising. Don’t you trust the seal of the Larsens once they’re up?

    Yes molgrips, tried that. It worked for the HR on the front.

    No sun this way today norton. I’m off to see if a mates co2 cartridge can give it the burst if air it needs.

    Fingers crossed.

    mr plow

    I just don’t trust the tyre – they are so light waiting to be sliced up. I have used TTs with tubes with no probs though so may be over negative but after slicing through a minion single ply I have re-thought my ideas.


    As tobytaylorj says, push down very firmly above the valve on teh tyre, squeezing it in and forcing the bead out around the valve.Ensure that yuo have used lots of soapy water and lift the wheel off the ground when pumping. Use long strokes of the pump. Valve removal sounds promising – not tried that.


    What liftman says.

    I had nightmares with tubeless suring my earlier attempts. Now I use neat washing up liquid on the bead (apply after fitting tyre) and can get any tyre up first time with a trakc pump (well, so far anyway).

    Premier Icon Vortexracing

    HR and Larsen on 355’s with no problem here

    I do have a compressor though.


    I did the same at the weekend, i resorted to smearing some spare sealant around the unseated edge of the tyre, went up in 2 seconds after that with a trackpump.

    Sorted. TFFT. co2 cartridge sorted it straight away. Good times. Thanks all.


    Persistence,application and some or all of the tips mentioned work on 90% of set ups.I’ve had 100% succsess on Arch 29ers including wire beaded tyres and about 99% on various 26″ combinations in the last 5 years I’ve run tubeless.I don’t get why some people don’t get it (and probably never will).

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    I had no problems with nobby nics on Crests with my track pump, but had done a couple of rides on the tyres with tubes before, so the beads were nice and straight. New beads tend to be a bit bent and would probably make sealing harder.

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